WAHOO – The Saunders County Sheriff’s Office reported four recent accidents.

On Feb. 26, Jennifer L. Morford of Ashland was southbound on Highway 66 and slowed to stop and turn east on County Road A, one mile north of Ashland.

According to the accident report, Cydney M. Parsons of Ashland was following Morford and failed to notice Morford stopped to turn and struck the rear of her vehicle.

Parsons pushed Morford into the southbound lane and into the path of Brandon C. Marksen of Schuyler, who was driving a 2005 Kenworth. Marksen struck Morford’s 2018 Honda.

Morford’s Honda and Parsons’ 2014 Ford Focus were both totaled. Marksen’s Kenworth suffered $5,000 in damages.

Morford was attended to by Ashland Emergency Services.

On Feb. 23, Donald J. Ash of Wahoo was eastbound on Highway 92, one and one-half miles east of Yutan, in his 2000 Honda van when his driver’s side front wheel came off the vehicle.

According to the accident report, the wheel then struck the toolbox of Jeff Eich of Omaha.

Ash’s Honda suffered $1,000 in damages and Eich’s 2016 Dodge suffered $500 in damages.

On Feb. 24, Dezarey Rose Shimko of Broken Bow was eastbound on Highway 92 in her 2013 Ford Explorer. According to the accident report, Shimko lost control of her Ford near the intersection at County Road 9, one mile east of Mead.

Shimko left the roadway and rolled into the south ditch, where she landed on her roof. Her Ford was totaled.

On Feb. 26, Rural Mail Carrier Terry Wondercheck of Fullerton stopped to put mail in a box on the east side of County Road 15, near the intersection at County Road V, two miles south and one mile east of Cedar Bluffs.

According to the accident report, Wondercheck attempted a u-turn at the stop.

Matias Domingo-Ramos of Crete was northbound on County Road 15 in a 2009 Jeep Wrangler owned by Santiago Domingo-Tercero of Crete. He was unable to stop due to ice on the road and collided with Wondercheck.

Wondercheck’s 1997 Toyoda suffered $5,000 in damages and Domingo-Tercero’s Jeep suffered $4,250 in damages.

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