Featured Story

GREENWOOD – A yellow rose sits in a vase on the kitchen table at Mel Wilkison’s rural Greenwood home. The edges of the petals have begun to curl and turn brown, but the fragrance remains, as do the memories associated with the flower.

WAVERLY – Waverly graduate Colten Stutheit is eager to get started with college baseball.

WAHOO – The faucet in the sky stayed in the open position for much of last week, causing runoff on already saturated ground and streams and creeks to swell over their banks in places.

ASHLAND – The Ashland City Council delayed a vote on whether or not to revoke a special use permit for a local RV park in order to get more information from experts.

30 Days

LINCOLN – Jeri Brainard of rural Lincoln stood in her driveway last week holding a paint brush in front of a big heart.