OMAHA — There are 122 honorees who will receive 2020 Pioneer Farm and Heritage Farm awards from the Aksarben Foundation, Nebraska Farm Bureau and the Nebraska Association of Fair Managers.

The awards recognize milestones of owning at least 40 acres of farmland within one family for 100 years (Pioneer) or 150 years (Heritage).

Since Aksarben began the Pioneer Farm Family Award in 1956, nearly 10,000 families have received the award statewide. The Heritage Farm Award, established in 2014, has been presented to nearly 100 farm families.

Due to COVID-19 safety requirements, officials of many county fairs still are determining what, if any, fair-related activities will be open to the public.

“Nebraska Farm Bureau will work with our regional managers, our county Farm Bureau leaders and county fair managers to set up times to deliver these prestigious honors,” said Nebraska Farm Bureau President Steve Nelson of Axtell.

Each family will receive an engraved plaque and gatepost marker.

Hub Territory honorees of Pioneer Farm Awards, by county are:


- Venla Roth – William and Minnie Roth Family Farm, established 1915


- Edward Spanel – Edward T. Spanel Family Farm, established 1919


- Frank Boyd Inc. – Heidebrink Family Farm, established 1919

- Hicken McNulty Koch, LLC – Hicken McNulty Koch Family Farm, established 1920


- Charlotte Post Estate/Tracy Post P.R. – Frank Haskins Family Farm, established 1907

- Doris Dallmann – Dallmann Family Farm, established 1916


- Glenn and Shauna Hilker – Glenn and Shauna Hilker Family Farm, established 1919


- Nye and Christina Pelton – Alvin C. Dake Family Farm, established 1913

- Greg and Julie Harms – Conrad Harms Family Farm, established 1919


- Mike and Cindy Laue – Laue Farms, established 1918

- Stephen Lowe/Ann McCormick – Lowe Family Farm, established 1894


- Celeste Holscher Cox – Hoscher Family Farm, established 1920

- Matt and Vicki Peterson – Peterson Family Farm, established 1907

- Jane Dahlstrom-Quinn – Youngquist-Dahlstrom Quinn Family Farm, established 1919.

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