RAVENNA — Duane Muhlbach, co-owner of Muhlbach Seeds in Ravenna, was recently awarded the Premier Seed Grower Award by the Nebraska Crop Improvement Association at its annual Seed Improvement Conference in Lincoln.

“I have been a farmer all of my life,” Muhlbach said. “In receiving this award, I am proud to represent the many farmers who have received this award, including my father, the farmers across the state participating in this program as well as those in my community. I have been fortunate to be a part of NCIA for 50 years and will further their mission of promoting agricultural diversity, productivity, and sustainability while providing quality and innovation for those who feed the world. I am grateful for the support of my family and friends.”

Muhlbach Seeds has operated in Ravenna for more than 50 years. After purchasing his first round of foundation seed in the 1960s, Mulhbach planted, harvested and sold his first crop of wheat. Since then, they have grown and sold certified seed, primarily oats and wheat. Since its inception, Muhlbach Seeds has been solely operated by the Muhlbach family.

Muhlbach plants and harvests seed crops each year. In addition, he cleans all the seed himself and in turn sells most of the seed in bulk.

Muhlbach is also active in his community and has been part of the Ravenna City Council, Buffalo County Trails and Rails Museum, and the Lions Club where he received the Melvin Jones Award in 1997.

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