Judge Mary Gilbride

County Clerk Patty McEvoy    

New Civil

    Jeffrey David Maldaner vs. Rachel Elizabeth Maldaner, dissolution of marriage.

    Molly A. Nelson vs. Christopher Nelson, dissolution of marriage.

    Arthur L. Alston vs. Karen B. Alston, dissolution of marriage.

New Criminal

    State of Nebraska vs. Joshua L. Whitney, possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia.

    State of Nebraska vs. Patrick M. Coady, DUI aggravated – third offense and DUI refusal – third offense.  

    State of Nebraska vs. James Rogers, possession of marijuana with intent to deliver and possession of drug paraphernalia.

    State of Nebraska vs. Matthew J. Cody, DUI aggravated – fifth

offense, interlock violation DUI and DUS 15-year revocation.


Diane Wagner,

Clerk Magistrate

    Drive commercial motor vehicle without obtaining commercial license:  Jeffrey J. Lacy, $100.

    Commercial motor vehicle marking:  Jeffrey J. Lacy, $50.

    Minor in possession, under 19:  Chase T. Dierks, $250.

    Littering, first offense:  Chase T. Dierks, $50.


    Driving under the influence, first offense:  William H. Wilson, $500, six months probation, license revoked 60 days, interlock device.

    Possess or use drug paraphernalia:  Jack C. Kastl, $100.

Nebraska State Patrol

    Speeding: David L. Krafka, $75; Michelle L. Hough, $75; Robert R. Jordan, $75; John A. Killam, $75.

    Minor in possession, under 19:  Taryn V. Rannals, $250.

    No valid registration:  Michelle L. Hough, $25; Patrick D. Seals, $25.

    Unlawful/fictional display of plate:  Michelle L. Hough, $50.

    Commercial motor vehicle, load securement:  Aaron R. Nelson, $100.

Saunders County Sheriff

    Speeding:  Lindsay A. Winter, $75; Sydnee K. Kardisco, $75; Leon Jose Negron, $25

    Disturbing the peace:  Holly A. Lowther, $75.

    No valid registration:  Bryland J. Menicucci, $25.

    No operator’s license:  Leon Jose Negron, $75.

    Criminal mischief $1,500 to $5,000:  Raheem Howard, jail 30 days, $2,000 restitution.


    Disturbing the peace:  Merle J. Nicola, Jr., $100.


    Samuel Joseph Sedlacek and Tiffany Rose Marushak, both of Wahoo, issued June 2.

    Mason Derrick Lamb and Charlyne Nicole Dalton, both of Wahoo, issued June 2.

    Jesse Thomas Alderson and Jessica Kay Milstein, both of Weston, issued June 2.

    Jacob Aaron Subbert of Wahoo and Mattie Kay Murren of Colon, issued June 5.

    Nathan John Filipi and Autum Ranae Lorchick, both of Ceresco, issued June 6.

    Jesse David-Lee Herman and Amber Joy Rainbolt, both of Ashland, issued June 7.

    Taylor Joseph Schlautman and Kayla Ann Mika, both of Wahoo, issued June 8.



Register of Deeds

Don Clark

Rhonda Andresen, Deputy

    Donald D. and Barbara J. Sawyer to Ruth E. and Steve E. Bertone, 24-17-5 NW 1/4 SW 1/4.

    Melvin Sudbeck Homes, Inc. to Wendi Hutton et al, Rex C. and Carol A. Percelle et al, lot 39 Itan

Parkview Phase Two of Yutan.

    North Forty Estates, LLC to Raikes Revocable Trust, lot 3, 4, 5 North Forty Territory 14-13-9 of rural subdivisions, 14-13-9 partial W 1/2 NW 1/4.

    Wendt Trust to Tod and Linda Brockley 28-16-8 partial NE 1/4 SE 1/4.

    Vencil Construction, Inc. to Edmond R. and Bobette D. Escolas, lot 1 Angel Acres replat lots 25-26-27 Medlex II, 25-15-9 of rural subdivisions.

    Merwyn W. Dunker estate to Jerome L. and Ellen Ann Halladay, lot 8 Valley View, 34-17-8 of rural subdivisions.

    YS Investments, LLC to Bradley J. Lillie, lot 43 Thomas Lakes 3rd, 7 and 18-13-10 of rural subdivisions.

    Eric F. and Cathy J. Cole to Eric F. and Cathy J. Cole, lot 28 Thomas Lakes 3rd, 7 and 18-13-10 of rural subdivisions.

    NE Colorado Cellular, Inc. to

Mountain Tower and Land, LLC,

32-15-9 partial SE 1/4 NE 1/4.

    JLMM Investments Co. to Mitchell L. Storm, lot 1 Prairie Wolf Place 27-15-9 of rural subdivisions.

    Clarence H. and Liselotte Fette et al, Niklaus Mueller et al, Viktor and Virginia Mueller et al and Betty Mueller et al to Justine Dunker, lot 9, 10 and partial lot 11 in block 6, Leshara of Leshara.

    Barrett Family Trust to Matthew B. and Stephanie L. Stricklin, lot 3, 4, 5, 6 in block 13, Cedar Bluffs of Cedar Bluffs.

    Barrett Family Trust to Matthew B. and Stephanie L. Stricklin, lot 3, 4, 5, 6 in block 13, Cedar Bluffs of Cedar Bluffs.

    Jamie E. Ludvik to Jay W. and Kathee R. Larson, lot 4 in block 1, Jasas of Wahoo.

    Willard F. Hunzeker estate to Janice E. Barber, lot 1 and partial lot 2 in block 5, Bel-Aire of Wahoo.









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