Judge Mary Gilbride

County Clerk Patty McEvoy

New Criminal

State of Nebraska vs. McKenzi D. Coon, possession of methamphetamine, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.

State of Nebraska vs. Ronald J. Sowards, two counts of burglary.

State of Nebraska vs. Gilbert Rael, terroristic threats and use of a deadly weapon to commit a felony.

State of Nebraska vs. Joshua E. Conn, third degree assault on an officer, assault of an officer – bodily fluid, restraining arrest, unlawful acts, possession of marijuana or k2 less than one ounce.

State of Nebraska vs. David D. Dunkinsel, first degree assault.


Educational Certificate Partners, Inc. vs. Gale L. Jansa, et al, order of dismissal.


Diane Wagner, Clerk


Issue bad check $0 to $500: Leon Swanson, $10, $100 restitution; Leon Swanson, $10, $10 restitution.

Issue bad check $0 to $500, 9 counts: Leon Swanson, $90.


Disturbing the peace: Jason M. Myers, $100.

Speeding: Tracy A. Lane, $25.

No operator’s license: Tracy A. Lane, $75.

No valid registration: Jeffrey A. Hunziker, $25; James M. Issler, $25.

Nebraska State Patrol

Driving under the influence, second offense: Ambir L. Leehy, $500, 30 days jail, license revoked 18 months, interlock device.

Driving under the influence, first offense: Dylan L. Prohaska, $500, six months probation, license revoked 60 days, interlock device.

Commercial motor vehicle marking: Jonathan M. Neuvirth, $50.

Commercial motor vehicle radar detector: Jonathan M. Neuvirth, $30.

Violate no passing zone: Adam D. Peterson, $25.

Speeding: Kimberly J. Crisman, $125.

Saunders County Sheriff

Motor vehicle homicide: Leah Q. Flowers, $200, 12 months probation, 240 hours community service, license revoked one year, interlock device.

Speeding: Jonathan D. Henderson, $25; Robert B. Haver, $125.

Reckless driving, first offense: Kenton E. Points, $200.

Possess marijuana one ounce or less: Kenton E. Points, $500.


Disobey stop lights: Derek L. Whelan, $75.

Disturbing the peace: Daniel A. Mahoney, $100.

Speeding: Amanda Payne, $75.


David James Wolfe of Cedar Bluffs and Emilee Ann Kingry of Fremont, issued Nov. 13.



Register of Deeds

Don Clark

Rhonda Andresen, Deputy

Dean J. and Maria M. Cadwallader to Wagon Tongue Creek, LLC, 32-13-5 partial SE 1/4 SW 1/4; partial SW 1/4 SE 1/4.

Jerome M. Helget to Jerome M. Helget et al and Peggy D. Helget et al, lot 15 Wolf Lakes Estates 22-17-6 of rural subdivisions.

Double S Development to Christopher J. Smisek et al and Steven R. Swenson et al, 34-15-9 partial NE 1/4 NE 1/4.

Christopher J. and Janice R. Smisek to Smisek Swenson Nebraska Properties, LLC, 34-15-9 partial NE 1/4 NE 1/4.

Steven R. and Denise Swenson to Smisek Swenson Nebraska Properties, LLC, 34-15-9 partial NE 1/4 NE 1/4.

Norman R. and Virginia R. Nelson to Norman R. and Virginia R. Nelson, lot S-1180 Woodcliff Lake Ski-Di of rural subdivisions.

Charles H. and Shirley M. Niemeyer to Michael J. and Joanna D. Taylor, partial lot 4, 5, 6 in block 16, Flora City of Ashland.

Kristine Casey to Wode Farms, LLC, 14-14-8 NW 1/4; partial N 1/2 SW 1/4.

Rebecca E. Thiele to Wode Farms, LLC, 14-14-8 NW 1/4; partial N 1/2 SW 1/4.

Christopher T. Dee to Wode Farms, LLC, 14-14-8 NW 1/4; partial N 1/2 SW 1/4.

Judy L. Boone to John III and Katherine Walz, lot 43 Estates Provence Phase II, 35-15-9 of rural subdivisions.

Christo Properties, LLC to Randall I. Christo, lot 203 Sandy Pointe Lake Development, fifth replat of rural subdivisions.

Randall I. and Janet Christo to Randall I. and Janet Christo, lot 203 Sandy Pointe Lake Development, fifth replat of rural subdivisions and lot 53 Sandy Pointe replat, 53 and second replat, lots 54, 55, 56 or rural subdivisions.

JEO Investments, Inc. to Grant Anderson et al and Shawna Giesenhagen et al, lot 3 Sycamore Hills, first addition of Wahoo.

James N. and Kelly A. Dortch to James R. Cunningham Trust, lot 34 Pawnee Meadows, 3-16-8 of rural subdivisions.

Gerald L. Shepherd to Jason W. and Melissa Hall, 28-17-7 partial SW 1/4 SW 1/4.

Lois M. Smith Estate to James R. Smith, 9-14-8 NE 1/4 SE 1/4.

Lois M. Smith Estate to Mark W. Smith, 9-14-8 SE 1/4 SE 1/4; 15-14-8 SW 1/4 NW 1/4.

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