Kavanaugh hearing


The Supreme Court hearings this September have left America even more divided than ever before. Whether a supporter of Brett Kavanaugh or Christine Blasey Ford, the truth is that both sides are in a constant struggle for power, and they will go to any means necessary to hold onto it. This fact remains true in almost all other aspects of our political system.

In the case of the Kavanaugh hearings, the political left was at a low point when it came to their amount of political influence, or power. The political right had gained all the power in government by filling the presidency and many other seats in the House and Senate with Republicans. Democrats were looking for a way to gain some of the power back with a victory of some sort. When the news about Blasey Ford testifying against Kavanaugh came out, they saw a jackpot. The political left could now use the controversial Supreme Court hearings as a way to gain power by painting the picture to the public that Kavanaugh was a bad person.

This is the epitome of politics in America as of right now. Everybody, no matter what political ideals they agree with, will do whatever it takes to grow their influence and gain power, and they do this by finding legitimate issues in the world and twisting it to fit their own agendas. If people can lose the sense of “the ends justifying the means” and focus on fixing the real issues in the world, we would be a more productive, more unified nation.

Andrew Kwarcinski,

Ashland-Greenwood High School

Kneeling during national anthem


Colin Kaepernick kneeling for the national anthem is a very controversial thing. People are torn on different sides, debating whether it’s okay or not.

I do not think it is okay, and this is why: it’s disrespectful to our military. The national anthem represents our nation’s military and our values as Americans. When NFL players kneel for the national anthem it disrespects the military.

We have men and women fighting and dying overseas to keep the U.S. free from tyranny. Men and women die fighting for freedom so NFL players can play football and get paid to do it. Some people might say that he isn’t hurting anything and he has the right to do this, but it is still disrespectful to the military.

There are other ways of protesting for equality besides kneeling for the national anthem, such as public speaking, peaceful walks and rallies.

In conclusion, I think NFL players that disrespect the military by kneeling for the national anthem should be fined by the NFL.

Skylar Thomson,

Ashland-Greenwood High School

Season of giving


Since it is the season of giving I challenge everyone to give back to our community.

Nebraska ranks 30 out of 50 states for giving. We need to improve this statistic. Let’s raise the bar this year by giving of our time to some local charities.

Some examples of local charities are The Closet, the local food bank, the Kids Cupboard, Toys for Tots and Salvation Army’s ringing of the bells, just to name a few.

For some, donating may be difficult due to financial situations and lack of time. It is important that every citizen regardless of their age or income level gives back to the community they live in.

There are many ways to do this, even in our small community, to ensure it “stays here.” One such opportunity is “The Closet” at the American Lutheran Church which provides to our community and surrounding areas a monthly free clothing exchange. Volunteers are needed to assist with sorting, folding, and hanging clothes, as well as emptying drop-off bins.

My family and I have donated clothing to this worthwhile cause as well as volunteered to work the days the clothes are given out.

This program benefits our community by giving food and clothes to those that might go without as well as help families save money this holiday season.

In order to help, you can drop off your used clothes and you can donate your time by helping sort or find clothes for someone. This does not require any monetary donation from you; just an hour of your time or the dropping off of your unwanted clothes. The giving of time to bring a smile to another’s face during the holiday season is very rewarding and does not cost a dime!

Rebecca Wilson

Ashland-Greenwood High School

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