Picturing Our History

15TH AND SILVER: This photograph shows the interior of a 1950s store – Marcy Furniture Co. at 15th Silver streets. (Photo provided by the Ashland Historical Society)

15th and Silver streets – 1958

This photograph shows the interior of a 1950s store – Marcy Furniture Co. at 15th Silver streets. If they didn’t have what you needed, they could order it for you. On the walls you see a Xenith Radio poster, a calendar – probably from the Union Pacific Railroad as Kenneth Marcy’s brother-in-law worked for them – and an animal head. Shelves held paint cans and an oil cloth rack held rolls of the table covering. The middle room also held wallpaper books. The local patrons could order the wall paper and get Donald Mott or Don Buck to hang it.

In the background we see the owner, Kenneth Marcy, with his ever-present hat and probably his ever-present grin if we could see his face. Poppy, as she called him, was the grandfather of Pat Perryman Hodges who in this photograph had stopped at the store after school with her friend, Nancy Jacobs Maack. Or they might have just come from a Girl Scout meeting held upstairs at the former IOOF Hall. They are wearing winter coats and hats so had stopped to warm up. The picture was probably taken by Pat’s mother or father, both of whom worked at the store and eventually owned it. Furniture was their major sales product but the back of the store was also a mortuary. And Joe Perryman was available night or day for the ambulance service.

The mortuary is still in this location and the store front is now Salt Creek Mercantile.

For more information on other items from Ashland’s history, visit the Ashland History Museum at 205 North 15th Street, Ashland. The museum is open on Thursdays from 1 to 4 p.m. and by appointment.

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