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John and Inez Peterson

John and Inez Peterson – State Legislature

John Burch Peterson was a member of the last Bicameral Legislature of the State of Nebraska. He was born Aug. 12, 1899 and grew up on his father’s truck farm south of Ashland. He was elected to the State House of Representatives in 1934 for the last Bicameral session of 1935. He was also a member of the first Unicameral Legislature in 1937.

Inez Isaac grew up on a farm west of Ashland and taught in the Ashland elementary school. Inez and John were married March 16, 1935 in a quiet ceremony at the Wahoo Congregational Church with the Rev. Walter Rundin reading the marriage lines. Inez wore a blue suit trimmed with heavy cuffs of silver fox fur and wore a shoulder corsage of yellow roses and freesia. This is their wedding picture taken in the brand new State Capitol building of Nebraska in Lincoln.

Their honeymoon week was spent in Lincoln where John attended the regular session of the Legislature. He and his bride caused a great deal of excitement at the State House. The Representatives presented them with a set of silver flatware. Mr. Peterson was president of the Bachelor’s Club of the Nebraska Legislature but was ousted from the office and the club as he was no longer eligible. The Bachelors Club presented Mrs. Peterson with a gorgeous bouquet of roses and snapdragons. Mrs. Peterson enjoyed a vacation from teaching for the week but planned to finish the school term driving back and forth from Lincoln each day. She continued to teach for a number of years.

John had a stroke while dining at the Ashland Country Club and died a few days later on April 8, 1974. Inez died May 24, 2003.

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