Judge Christina Marroquin

County Clerk Patty McEvoy

New Civil

Rose Ann Koranda and Susan Kliment vs. Theodore Hollandsworth, Joann Kate Hollandsworth, Bryan Medical Center and all those persons having or claiming an interest in the following described real estate, to wit: Lot three (3), Block one (1), Weber City Park, Valparaiso, Saunders County, Nebraska, Foreclosure – Mortgage.

Brandy Marie Sampson vs. Patrick Michael Sampson, dissolution of marriage.

Michelle M. Kinzle vs. Jeffrey R. Dieken, dissolution of marriage.

Karen Bohac, personal representative of the estate of Marlene A. Benes, Deceased vs. Benes Service Co., a Nebraska Corporation.

In name change of Ashley Breiana Beck.


State of Nebraska vs. Michelle I. Sheehan, order of probation for 2 years, $100, order of probation for 2 years, $100.

Ashley B. Beck, change of name.

Christy Franks vs. Richard Franks, quiet title.

Alan Nunnenkamp vs. Elmer W. Sphon, order of default.

Moss vs. Thomas Lakes Owners Association, court order to find solution themselves.

State of Nebraska vs. Caleb R. Feil, order of jail-custodial sanction probation for 75 days, 365 days in jail.

State of Nebraska vs. Caleb R. Feil, order of jail-custodial sanction probation for 75 days, order of probation for 48 months, $300.

State of Nebraska vs. Noah J. Kolterman, order of probation for 9 years, $200.

Judy Eichmeier vs. Jerry Helget, protection order – domestic abuse.

Renee Schroeder vs. Charles R. Pospisil, protection order – domestic abuse.

State of Nebraska vs. Destiny D. Johnson, order of probation for 24 months, 180 days in jail.

CORRECTION: In the Sept. 27 public records, there was an incorrect record. It should have read: Elizabeth Williams vs. John C. Williams, dissolution of marriage.

The Ashland Gazette apologizes for this error and any confusion this may have caused.


Diane Wagner,

Clerk Magistrate


Jacob Patrick Nelson of Maryville, Mo. and Cassandra Elizabeth Loran of Kansas City, Mo., issued Sept. 26.

Blake Lee Greve of Waverly and Mackenzi Jane Mink of Greenwood, issued Sept. 21.

Jared Craig Moline of Ithaca and Kassie Elizabeth Schneider of Kennard, issued Sept. 24.

Randy James Crist of Ceresco and Debra Jean Nielson of Ceresco, issued Sept. 26.



Register of Deeds

Don Clark

Rhonda Andresen, Deputy

Beth A. Roth to Steven G. Roth, lot 14 Lake Allure 18-13-10, 13-13-9 of rural subdivisions.

Allison K. Leimer to Taylor L. Vencil, lot 1, 2 and partial lot 5 in block 20, Mead of Mead.

Wells Fargo Bank to Jason B. and Krystal M. Penlerick, 16-16-6 partial NE 1/4 NW 1/4.

Mabson Investements LLC to Downing Schmidt Group LLC, lot 2 Mabson of Ashland.

Glen E. and Bonnie J. Dappen to Dappen Family Trust, lot 18 Hidden Cove 18-17-6 of rural subdivisions.

Jane E. Peterson to Gideon E. and Cheryl L. Linderman, lot 8, 9 in block 10, Leshara of Leshara.

Gary L. Stiles to Gary L. Stiles Revocable Living Trust, 6-13-5 E 1/2 NW 1/4.

Nancy L.R. Bernhardson Trust to Nathan and Ashley Nolan, lot 29 Lake Allure 18-13-10, 13-13-9 of rural subdivisions.

JEO Investments Inc. to John and Elizabeth Brooks, lot 2 Sycamore Hills first addition of Wahoo.

Scott R. and Krista M. Reed to Nollan S. Reed, 34-13-9 partial NW 1/4 NE 1/4.

Barret Family Trust to Dana Wagner, lot 20 in block 7, Cedar Bluffs first addition of Cedar Bluffs.

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