Judge Christina Marroquin

County Clerk Patty McEvoy

Civil New Cases

Dirk Newington vs. SL Jensen Construction, Inc., contract dispute

Jessica J. Neal, name change

Brittany Marie Hansen vs. Jeffrey Bret Hansen, dissolution of marriage

Helen Strode vs. Amanda Schwartz, protection order, harassment

Curtis J. Morrow vs. Stephanie L. Brown, annulment of marriage

Sara J. Schneider vs. Corey D. Schneider, dissolution of marriage

Civil Orders

Janette Demaray vs. Michael Demaray, dissolution of marriage

Ethan A. Jensen, name change

Criminal Orders

State of Nebraska vs. Bobby L. Smith III, driving while intoxicated .15-plus (four-plus convictions); sentenced to minimum four years, maximum six years in jail, credit for time served, operator’s license revoked for 15 years, ignition interlock device required

State of Nebraska vs. Thomas E. Allen, sexual assault without consent, third degree, class 1 misdemeanor; sentenced to 60 days jail, credit for time served, 18 months probation, required to register as sex offender

State of Nebraska vs. Riah M. Mead, attempt of class 4 felony; fined $500, credit for time served


Diane Wagner,

Clerk Magistrate


State of Nebraska vs. Gage W. Arvantis, possession of marijuana 1 ounce or less, first offense; fined $500

State of Nebraska vs. Barbara J. Markvicka, theft $0-500 (three counts); sentenced to 14 days jail, credit for time served, $280 restitution

State of Nebraska vs. Stephen K. Mock, driving under suspension; sentenced to seven days jail, credit for time served, license revoked one year

State of Nebraska vs. Cheryl Statsny, third degree assault and resisting arrest; sentenced to 12 months jail

State of Nebraska vs. Christa D. White, no operator’s license; fined $150


Wrong way on one way street: Jeremiah B. Croghan, $25

Saunders County Sheriff

Violate no passing zone: Grant Schmailzl, $25; Leon A. McGinnis, $75

No valid registration: Ghulam R. Khan, $25; Joseph O. Palm, $25; Orville Schonefeld, $25

No operator’s license: Antonio Rodriguez, $75

Careless driving: Carole J. Jeffrey, $100

Speeding: Orville Schonefeld, $75

Nebraska State Patrol

Disobey stop lights: Andre Netsvetayev, $75

Overweight on axle or group of axles: Elvin G. Rivera-Olmeda, $325; Daniel L. Engel, $500

CMV-load securement: Elvin G. Rivera-Olmeda, $100

CMV-tire other: Elvin G. Rivera-Olmeda, $100

Careless driving: Vladymir Botiuck, $100


Violate stop sign: Alia Berry, $75


Speeding: Alejandro Cervantes, $125

No agency listed

Speeding: Jo M. Kantor, $75; Michael Gearon, $125


Dillon Michael Blackburn of Wahoo and Nicole Renae Brown of Wahoo, issued Oct. 10.


Rhonda Andresen,

Register of Deeds,

Mickenzie Thompson, Deputy

Heidi L. Novotny to Frank C. Jr. and Heidi L. Novotny Trust, lot 7 Hidden Cove, 18-17-6 of rural subdivisions.

Frank C. Novotny Jr. to Frank C. Jr. and Heidi L. Novotny Trust, lot 7 Hidden Cove 18-17-6 of rural subdi-visions.

Frank C. Jr. and Heidi L. Novotny to Frank C. Jr. and Heidi L. Novotny, lot 7 Hid-den Cove 18-17-6 of rural subdivisions.

Howard P. and Sharon K. Renshaw to Robert L. and Alexis A. Pommer, lot 14 Sunset Acres 22-15-9 of rural subdivisions.

H. Dale III and Mary B. Dixon to Fred and Amy Hendricks, lot 194 Sandy Pointe Lake Dev Second Addition or rural subdivi-sions.

Robert S. and Clare M. Gress et al and Steven R. and Christine L. Gress et al to Robert S. and Clare M. Gress, lot 4 Scheel Acres of rural subdivisions.

Scott R. and Amy D. Ueh-ling to Kenneth P. and Va-lerie L. West, lot S-1137 Woodcliff Lake Ski-Di of rural subdivisions.

Otto Properties LLC to Parry W. and Lisa Siebenal-er, lot 4 East Parkview of Mead.

Brandon and Nicole Hen-kel to Eric D. Freitas, 34-17-08 partial SW 1/4 SW 1/4.

Nancy M. and Gary Ste-venson to John Schmidt, lot 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and partial lot 7 in block 1, Parmelees of Ashland.

John E. Lovell Estate to Otto Properties LLC, lot 6, 7 in block 6, Williams Add of Ceresco.

Ashland Investment Co. LLC to JD Builders Inc., lot 26 in block 1, Whitetail Estates First Addition of rural subdivisions.

Wigton Associates LLC to HF and F LLC, 21-16-09 par-tial NW 1/4 NW 1/4 and 20-16-09 NE 1/4 and partial N 1/2 SE 1/4.

Marlene G. Walla to Linda B. Hart, 13-13-05 NE 1/4 SW 1/4 and partial S 1/2 NW 1/4.

Nathan J. and Tara E. Mumm to Dana and Reva Altman, lot 48 Itan Parkview Phase Two of Yutan.

Girmus Investments LLC to Barbara Texel, lot 8 Gir-mus Subdivision First Re-plat 2-14-8 of rural subdivi-sions.

Mark A. and Molly K. Lloyd to Mark and Amy Lloyd, lot 5 Otoe Ridge 26-15-9 of rural subdivisions.

James L. Cloud to Randal D. Hamling, block 78, County of Wahoo.

Jeffrey A. Styskal to Rob-ert J. and Susan K. Masek, lot 11, 12, 13, 14 in block 3, Weston of Weston.

Steve and Rosemarie A. Nadgwick to Robert J. and Susan K. Masek, lot 11, 12, 13, 14 in block 3, Weston of Weston.

Richard L. and Ann Styskal to Robert J. and Susan K. Masek, lot 11, 12, 13, 14 in block 3, Weston of Weston.

Steven R and Sandy Styskal to Robert J. and Susan K. Masek, lot 11, 12, 13, 14 in block 3, Weston of Weston.

Robert and Joan D. Machacek to Robert J. and Susan K. Masek, lot 11, 12, 13, 14 in block 3, Weston of Weston.

David E. and Penelope L. Vollbracht to Jason P. and Jody R. June, lot 2 East Continental 15-14-7 of rural subdivisions.

Merlyn D. Joslene L. Os-born to Merlyn D. and Joslene L. Osborn, lot 19 Clove Hill of Ashland.

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