Nebraska Nurses Honor Guard

Nebraska Nurses Honor Guard

ASHLAND – Nebraska Nurses Honor Guard (NNHG) will offer tribute services to everyday nursing heroes who have dedicated their lives to the nursing profession.

This special service will be offered to active or retired nurses in the Omaha metro area and 30 miles outside that perimeter.

“We are using a community leader system as we branch out across the state,” wrote Debra Zobel in an email. “I am both the founder and community leader for Ashland and the surrounding area with the assistance of Melinda Pike RN and Phyllis Behrens NP. We all three are Ashland residents and have a total of 23 members in Omaha and the surrounding area.”

Zobel added that if any nurse’s family in the state of Nebraska calls and requests the honor guard, they will attempt to attend or provide video services.”

“Our plan is to develop a community leader system throughout the state in 2020,” she said.

According to the NNHG website, an official tribute will be bestowed at the time of the nurse’s passing. At the memorial service, the Florence Nightingale Pledge will be recited, a white rose will be placed on the casket or urn and a nursing lamp will be given to the family or friend of the deceased.

The NNHG founding board includes Debra Zobel, president; Sheralyn Jarvis, vice president; Linda Smith treasurer; and Ann Anderson, secretary.

In addition to the founding board, the NNHG has more than 20 active or retired nurses who volunteer their time to attend the memorial services.

All activities of the NNHG, a non-affiliated nonprofit, are funded by donations.

The NNHG believes that nursing is not a job but a lifelong calling.

“The NNHG will continue embodying the core nursing values of human dignity, integrity, autonomy, altruism and social justice,” according the NNHG website.

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