Baker's Candies

CHOCOLATE CHOICE: Kim and Lynn Cooper decide which chocolate cluster to purchase during the grand opening of Baker’s Candies in Greenwood Saturday morning. (Staff Photo by Anna Boggs)

GREENWOOD – Baker’s Candies had a problem.

But it was one of those good problems to have.

They were worried that too many people were going to come to the grand opening of their new 6,000 square foot outlet store on Saturday, Sept. 14.

Todd Baker said that after a social media post about the grand opening went viral among fans of the confectionery, he had to make it clear that this was just the first day it would be open.

Baker, who runs the candy operation his father founded in 1987 with his brother Paul, said that around 3,000 people came through the doors over the weekend to check out the new store.

The outlet has been a long time coming. The actual process began about a year ago, according to Baker, but long before that people have been flocking to Greenwood for a taste of Baker’s signature chocolates.

Kevin Baker started as a wholesaler. Todd Baker said his father chose Greenwood for the access to major shipping lanes. The founder never would have guessed the lanes meant to ship chocolate out would bring hundreds of thousands of visitors in.

Todd Baker said that the outlet is meant to be a reward for those who make the “pilgrimage” to Greenwood to visit Baker’s.

Hundreds of different kinds of candies fill the store as well as a vast selection of glass bottle soda pop.

What was once a place to sell candy that was stuck together or misshapen has become Nebraska chocolate lovers’ mecca.

Todd Baker said that he never expected that a town Greenwood’s size could sustain a candy store but Nebraska as a whole has enveloped the candy maker with support.

“When you make good chocolate, the people of Nebraska will travel from the far reaches of the universe,” Todd Baker said.

“Our goal has always been to be Nebraska’s chocolate, a chocolate that makes Nebraska proud,” he added.

The prospect of future expansion is on the horizon for Baker’s Candies, but Todd Baker said that will be on hold for now.

The busy season for chocolate is fast approaching. Halloween is just over a month away, only to be followed by candy heavy holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Easter.

Sounds like more of those good problems for Baker’s Candies.

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