ASHLAND – Christian films and television actor Wayne Matychuk will be the featured speaker at the Men in Mission breakfast on Saturday, Sept. 7 at Ashland United Methodist Church, 1442 Adams St., Ashland. Coffee is served at 6:30 a.m. and the free-will-offering breakfast will begin at 6:45 a.m.

Matychuk is a small business owner has operated Dynamic Dental Arts LLC in Omaha since 1994, specializing in porcelain and gold crowns and bridges. Four years ago, he took a step of faith to pursue an acting career in Christian film and television which he hopes to continue well past his retirement years. He sees a growing field as a ministry and a calling. He has been involved in 22 film and television productions over the years, while maintaining his dental laboratory practice. 

     One of his earliest films, released last year which had an international distribution, was “God Bless the Broken Road” and is available currently on Netflix, Amazon Prime and many other platforms.  “Crowning Jules” also enjoyed a wide distribution and was distributed through Walmart, Target and local family video stores, as well as many other streaming platforms. Current projects soon-to-be-released are two television series and an art display to be released at a museum in Lincoln. In “Washington›s Armor,” Matychuk  portrays Augustine Washington, father of our nation›s first president.  The TV series follows the life of George Washington during the French and Indian Wars and shows the faith that molded and guided our nation›s first president.  In “Night Guard,” a Christian superhero action film, Matychuk  portrays the hero’s arch enemy as head of a crime ring. This fall will be the unveiling of a green screen, rotoscope art project, “The Gold Slipper,” sponsored by the Willa Cather Foundation to be displayed at Kiechel Fine Art Museum in Lincoln.

In both his full-time work and his avocation Matychuk said he enjoys being able to use the gifts God has given him to serve others in two very different but equally artistic ways.

The Men in Mission Romans Bible Study will be held Saturday, Sept. 21 at 7 a.m., at Ashland Bible Church.

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