ASHLAND – Once again, the tax levy rate for the City of Ashland will remain at 70 cents.

After a public hearing, the Ashland City Council approved the 2019-2020 budget and tax request during their meeting last Thursday.

The city is asking for $597,513 from taxpayers for the general fund and $334,607 for the debt fund. The overall tax levy will be $0.701999 per $100 of assessed valuation. Property valuation in city limits increased six percent over last year.

“The levy is staying the same,” said City Administrator Jessica Quady. “It hasn’t changed in a decade plus.”

Quady said the general fund budget includes the $18,000 matching grant the city has pledged for the owner-occupied housing rehabilitation program, $30,000 to continue the city’s support of the Ashland Area Economic Development Corporation, new equipment for the fire and rescue departments, finishing Ninth Avenue, completing the Salt Creek Bank Stabilization project, continuing the Silver Street concrete project and ADA curb ramp installation, improvements at the ball field and city parts and a new water line under Dawes Street in the area of 20th Street, among many other items.

The council also approved the One and Six Year Road Plan. In the past, this was done in February, but the Legislature changed the law and requires cities and villages to approve their road plans in conjunction with the annual budget, Quady said.

Quady said there are no projects in the One Year Plan, but that can be amended at any time. The Six Year Plan includes improving every gravel street within city limits, except by the dog pound and dog park, she added.

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