ASHLAND – Masonry colors, plantings and hoop roofs dominated much of the discussion at last Thursday’s City Council meeting.

Ted Hughes of Blackstrap Inc. told council members construction of the salt building on Highway 6 was delayed because he was waiting for a response from Ashland’s building official and zoning inspector Lenora Isom.

Isom said Hughes had not completed the building permit, nor submitted a plan for her to review.

“In my opinion, the plantings are not enough,” she said. “He’s got to do something different to dress up that seven-foot wall.”

Council member Bruce Wischmann suggested adding more plantings along one side of the building and using an acid stain concrete or faux brick to make the seven-foot wall more aesthetically pleasing.

“Draft up that idea soon and get it to Lenora,” Wischmann said.

Council Member Jim Anderson thanked Hughes for bringing the issue before the council.

“That will be a big, nice improvement for Highway 6,” Anderson said. “I think it’s great.”

In other action, the council approved the installation of a ground sign in Sabre Heights.

The council also approved a conditional use permit for domestic dog kennel to 2411 Clay Street.

The council reviewed the two nuisance properties that have been on the meeting agenda for several months. The property located at 2602 Adams Street owned by Mike Lesley, who was absent from the meeting, received two new deadlines for improvement.

“We just keep kicking this down the road,” said Council Member Matt Meyer. “He needs to get moving on this.”

The council set a deadline of Feb. 20 for Lesley to submit a building permit with plans for a new residence.

Regarding the second nuisance property at 204 S. 23rd s

Street owned by Steve Williams, only 10 car and truck tires had been moved off the property. The council set up a period of March 5 to be in contact on improvements and April 16 for the final clean up.

“I should have done this a long time ago,” said Williams, who recently had hip surgery and can only clean up during the weekends.

“We’re working with you but we need to see some progress,” said Anderson.

In other council action, the council approved change order no. 1 for Dawes Street Water Main for increase of $1,748.20. The council also approved pay request no. 1 and final from General Excavating for the Dawes Street Water Main project for $70,044.40.

In the Mayor’s Report, Rick Grauerholz said he and City Administrator Jessica Quady would start meeting with candidates for the Building and Planning job being vacated by Isom.

With the Unicameral back in session, Grauerholz said he has been following a number of legislative bills that could possibly affect Ashland.

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