WAHOO – After being re-elected president of the Saunders County Agricultural Society, Kris Kavan proposed a plan to increase involvement in the organization that puts on the annual county fair.

Kavan said he’d like to go out into the county with other members of the board to find people who want to be involved.

“We’d get some new blood in,” said Board Member Theresa Klein.

Kavan suggested the chairpersons of each fair board committee make a list of people they can ask to help with the fair and other events.

“I’m sure there’s a bunch of talent out there we don’t even know exists,” he said.

The president also said this outreach would be a good way to promote the fair by reaching more people faster.

“We can take our sponsorships and marketing and advertising and get that broader reach,” Kavan said.

As they brainstormed the idea, other ideas began to flow. Jordon Kavan suggested adding more technology to the fair by adding QR codes to displays and exhibits. Visitors to the fair could acquire more information using their phones and other electronic devices to access the codes.

“I don’t want to fall behind the eight-ball on technology because then we end up like all the other fairs and get swallowed up,” Jordon Kavan said.

Kris Kavan suggested bringing the Saunders County Amusement Association in on the brainstorming, so everyone is on the same page. The amusement association owns and operates the carnival equipment during the fair. All of the fair board members agreed that the carnival is vital to a successful fair and offered to help them.

“All we can do is offer help and make suggestions,” said Kris Kavan.

“I do agree, we are very lucky to have them,” added Klein.

In other action, the board agreed to split the cost to repair lights at the rodeo arena with the Wahoo Saddle Club. Saddle Club President Kirk Landgren told the board that the lights stopped working at the end of the fair, something that has happened for the last two years.

“It’s amazing we haven’t had problems at one of these events,” he said.

Landgren suggested replacing the arena lights with LED bulbs to save money. He said the cost would be around $22,000.

“I’d say it’s probably an update that needs to be done,” said Kris Kavan.

Kris Kavan asked Landgren to get more information on the project.

The board also approved paying board member Denis Hauschild $3,000 a year to handle rentals for the fair facilities. Jordon Kavan made the motion to make it a paid position, even though Hauschild initially objected.

During the annual meeting preceding the regular meeting, other officers elected included Klein as vice president, Jordon Kavan as treasurer and Jackie Hladik as secretary.

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