ASHLAND – Saturday’s beautiful fall weather helped make Freaky Frolics another successful autumn event in Ashland.

The Ashland Junior Woman’s Club sponsored the event, which included trunk-or-treating, games, a presentation of scary animals by Wildlife Encounters and a costume contest.

Hundreds of children and their parents turned up in great costumes, ranging from sweet to scary. Stir-Up Queen Cindy Walsh and Stir-Up King Bradley Pfeiffer chose the top three in each category of the contest.

For the animals category, Quinten Stein’s inflated dinosaur costume, Levi Baker’s depiction of Owen from the Jurassic World movie and Ryan Skartbedt’s bumble bee outfit were deemed the top three.

The top three costumes in the fairy tale and storybook category were worn by Chloe Perillo, who was a princess riding a unicorn; Landon and Alice Ewell, who were Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf; and Tristan and Reese Ewell, the girl from the Three Little Bears and one of the bears.

Keegan Dostal’s portrayal of Ashland-Greenwood High School quarterback Hunter Washburn (complete with curly wig) was one of the top three costumes in the super hero category, along with Deegan Debuhr’s character from the Halo video game and Aliyah Collins dressed up as Harley Quinn.

In the Halloween favorites category, the winners included siblings Jacob and Janessa Zalesky. Jacob was dressed up as a Rubik’s Cube, while Janessa was a walking bottle of Miracle Bubbles, both designed by their mother, Jessica Zalesky. The other top costume went to Nate Jacobs, who was dressed as a cowboy.

In the sports category, the top three costumes were worn by Kennedy Einspahr (a cheerleader), Zack James (a football player) and Knox Einspahr (a Husker).

There were five special awards given out by the judges. Grant Scribner’s Seattle Seahawk costume and Hazel Rice’s cute but scary China doll costume were deemed Judge’s Choice winners.

Some family units were also awarded Judge’s Choice.

The five members of the Holman/Johnson clan came dressed as the “Baby Shark” family. Their ensemble grabbed the attention of the judge’s, giving them a Judge’s Choice award.

Sondra and Dan Johnson of Ashland, along with their son and daughter-in-law, Rachel and Paul Holman and their grandson, Harrison Holman, sported matching shark suits for the occasion. It was Holman’s first Halloween, as he lives in England, where the holiday is not widely observed, his mother said.

Danielle Alger dressed up as Malificent, Mistress of Evil, while her daughter, Chloe added the cute factor with her unicorn costume to win a Judge’s Choice award.

Siblings Alaina and Vincent Bartek were dressed in royal outfits that caught the judges’ eyes. Alaina was a princess and Vincent was a knight in shining armor, garnering them a Judge’s Choice nod.

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