WAHOO – Repairing flood damage near Ashland was a topic of discussion during the Lower Platte North Natural Resources District (LPNNRD) board of directors meeting on Monday night.

The board of directors approved a bid from Clark Construction of Ashland to repair a fuse plug near Camp Ashland. Clark was the only bidder, said Bob Heimann, LPNNRD operations and maintenance manager.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) will pay for 87.5 percent of the project. The rest will be split between the LPNNRD and the Lower Platte South NRD.

The motion to approve the $67,426.08 bid contained a provision that change orders will be added. Heimann said in September the board had approved hiring an engineer to oversee the project. FYRA Engineering was chosen.

Heimann said FYRA went over the bid and found many items he had missed, including debris removal and site clean-up. The most significant item, however, concerns sand. Heimann said Clark had planned to use sand from a nearby pile at no charge. Clark had figured that into their bid, Heimann added.

However, FYRA has determined that the sand must be tested and if it is not non-cohesive with less than 5 percent organic matter. Otherwise, they will have to purchase sand.

“That could raise the price of the contract up by forty to fifty thousand dollars,” said Heimann.

LPNNRD General Manager Eric Gottschalk and Heimann said the Army Corps of Engineers originally told the NRD that they could use non-cohesive “blow” sand for the project.

“Now that FYRA’s on board, they’re coming up with more specs,” Heimann said.

The project is set to be completed by Dec. 15 because of potential flooding issues. Heimann said if the fuse plug is not in place and an ice jam forms, water could back up.

“It’s going to flood the Guard Camp,” he said.

Heimann said Clark indicated the job will be done on time.

“The contractor is confident he can get it done,” he said.

The board also heard that repairs to the Clear Creek Levee by Ashland are moving along. The Corps of Engineers is waiting for three easements from Thomas Lakes homeowners along the river before they can advertise and go on a site visit.

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