ADOPT: Bob Machacek, a resident at Oxbow Living Center, opens gifts given to him by Krystal Einspahr’s family. Einspahr and her children “adopted” Machacek through a community connection program that matches assisted living center residents with area families. (Photo provided by Oxbow Living Center)

ASHLAND—For the third year, sign up for the Adopt-a-Resident program for assisted living and memory care residents filled up in one day.

The popular program, which matches an Ashland-area family with a resident of Oxbow Living Center during the Christmas holidays, was started at Home Instead in Fremont. Kerry Dierks, Oxbow Living Center’s executive director, said she introduced a revised version here.

The program was an immediate hit.

Dierks said the program is especially good for residents who are among the 40 percent that are Medicaid waiver and basically only have $64 left each month to spend on themselves.

The program also benefits residents whose family members live far away or are not able to send gifts for the holidays, she said.

“This is a great way to connect the community with our residents during the holidays,” Dierks said.

Most area families buy and wrap small gifts for their resident such as socks, towels, candy, soda pop, calendars and pajamas. Some like to give it to their resident personally, like the family who “adopted” Bob Machacek, the Einspahrs.

Oxbow Living Center staff also adopts a resident. Dierks said she picked out special food and drink items for her resident – like diet root beer and potato chips – he was not able to buy himself.

If the families are not able to personally deliver the gifts, Dierks said staff distributes them a. Gifts are delivered to the residents individually on Christmas morning.

“That way, everyone gets to open a present purchased especially for them,” she said.

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