MEAD – Four months after devastating floods hit the area in March, the Center Street bridge is not the only place still needing repair.

Over 175 individuals or families in Saunders County have unmet needs. Many volunteers and organizations continue to provide assistance. A new Saunders County organization is forming to help provide a network to coordinate resources. The new group is called Saunders County - Long Term Recovery Group (SC-LTRG).

SC-LTRG coordinates Christ-centered services and community support to those affected by disaster. It strives to assist with unmet disaster related needs (spiritual, emotional, physical and financial) to promote healing and wholeness. The group will coordinate with FEMA to address remaining unmet needs once an applicant has received all federal assistance or insurance payments for which they are eligible. The group has developed bylaws and set up a 501c3 after learning how similar groups in neighboring counties have developed. Meetings are held at the Mead Covenant Church.

The group is seeking volunteers to help coordinate resources. It is also wants to connect with representatives from organizations and individuals currently involved in flood recovery efforts. The committee would like to recruit individuals with experience in volunteer coordination, grant writing, donations/fundraising, spiritual/mental health care, construction coordination and construction project cost estimating.

If you are interested in more information or want to volunteer on the committee, please contact SC-LTRG Chairman Mike Kelly at 402.625.2491. Also contact Kelly if you would like to coordinate your organization’s efforts with this organization and resources. He is also accepting construction material and appliance donations.

Monetary donations to help those with unmet needs can be sent to SC-LTRG Treasurer Kyle Kelly, 209 Itan Drive, Yutan, NE 68073.

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