Barnyard Garage

NEW IN TOWN: Brock Dvorak stands in the garage at the Greenwood filling station. Dvorak’s business, Barnyard Garage, moved into the space last week. (Staff Photo by Michael Wunder)

GREENWOOD – Brock Dvorak’s passion for cars goes back a long ways.

The 26-year-old remembered tinkering with remote-controlled cars and toy cars when he was a kid, despite no one around him sharing the interest.

“I always had a knack for cars,” Dvorak said. “No one in my family did anything with cars whatsoever.”

But they supported him, even when his very first car ended up deconstructed after it was purchased.

But that’s the best way to learn.

“I got my first car in high school and pretty much immediately tore it a part,” he said. “I couldn’t drive it for a while.”

That love for working on cars brought Dvorak to fixing trucks, drag racing and opening his own business – Barnyard Garage. That shop is now located in the former Greenwood co-op station.

It opened last Monday. The first week went well, aside from the torrents of rain that flooded some areas around town.

“It was just straight rain the whole way through,” Dvorak said.

Fortunately the water didn’t impact the business.

“So far everything else has been going pretty smoothly, so I’m pretty happy about that,” he said.

The business will offer just about any kind of service, from oil changes, to engine work, to transmission services, brakes and more.

“Pretty much everything except body work,” Dvorak said. “I don’t do any of that.”

In addition, Dvorak will continue to offer performance work for people like him who enjoy drag racing.

“Just people who have it as a hobby,” he said. “They just enjoy having fast cars.”

The move to Greenwood was a big step for Dvorak, but he’s used to taking big steps. He started Barnyard Garage in Waverly with plenty of car knowledge, but not much business training.

“I woke up one day and said I should start my own thing and see how it goes,” he said.

He learned the business side as he went. As long as he did the work right, everything else would fall in place.

“I just knew how to work on cars,” he said. “So I just kind of hit the ground running.”

He was in business for about two and a half years in Waverly before making the move to Greenwood.

“I liked the location of it,” he said. “I really enjoy small towns. It was one of those things, I heard that they were closed, and one thing led to the next.”

He’s currently leasing the building from Midwest Farmers Cooperative. He has one full-time technician on staff and another part-timer, pretty much tripling his staff size.

“I went from just being me a couple months ago to now two people, so that’s a jump for me,” Dvorak said.

The mechanic currently lives in Lincoln, but he’s used to small towns. He grew up in Clarkson, a small town in the Norfolk area with a population of about 600.

He’s enjoying being back in a familiar setting.

“I just don’t like the big city life,” he said. “It’s not a thing for me.”

He’s grateful he was able to make a deal with the co-op and get the storefront back in operation. Being from a small town himself, Dvorak knows how the loss of a business can impact a community.

“I like being able to give back to the community,” he said. “When stuff closes down in a small town, it really, really hurts it.”

He said many people had come through the doors in the first week to say they were excited to see a business setting up shop at the location.

“I like being in a small town, because you can make more of a difference just with little stuff that you do,” he said.

Barnyard Garage is located at 429 U.S. Highway 6 in Greenwood. More information can be found on the business’ Facebook page as well as at

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