ASHLAND – Ashland-Greenwood Middle School recently released the Honor Roll for the first quarter of the school year.

Any student with a core subject (English, literature, math, science, and social studies) grade point average (GPA) of 3.00 to 3.50 for the current grading period is included on the Second Honors honor roll.

Any student with a core subject GPA of 3.50 to 4.00 is included on the First Honors honor roll.

First Honors

Eighth grade – Zachary Brown, Holly Campbell, Ty Carey, Isaac Carson, Colton Cerveny, Mira Comstock, Paige Comstock, Damian Eby, Lauren Gerdes, Elliot Gossin, Hannah Kasper, Emma Keith, Riley Lichtas, Clint Mumm, Jackson Myers, Alivia Pike, Ambrees Schefdore, Jadah Scott, Treyton Tweton, Paige Williams

Seventh Grade – Will Bergsten, Katelyn Clark, Raeghan Craven, Jaycee Fangmeyer, Tristan Harms, Grady Holtz, Richard Jewell, Cordell Kelley, Carver Konzem, Cooper Maack, Alexander Marzouk, Gabriella McAdams, Brandon Ott, Joslyn Sargent, Alexander Shand, Thomas Spears, Ellie Stein, Garett Turner, Bowen Vogt, Ella Ward, Audrey Whitehead

Sixth Grade – Elizabeth Bivens, Fiona Bowdino, Davis Brady, Noah Carroll, Isaac Christo, Charles Earnest, Rubi Flamig, Megan Gerdes, Caleb Kasper, Cal Kissinger, Zoe Lindley, Matthew McConnell, Breleigh Mech, Ty Miller, Landon Mohs, Matthew Pinkman, Jaxon Powell, Easton Roeber, Savanna Root, Cael Smith, Derek Tonjes, Cooper Westerhold, Robert Wilson, Jacob Zalesky

Second Honors

Eighth Grade – Nancy Aguilar Medina, Alyssa Batt, Aiden Cover, Olivia Craig, Tyler Cunningham, Tobin Engelhard, Benjamin Harris, Dane Jacobsen, Ethan Judy, Jacob Juedes, Jasmina Khalil, Lucas Konen, Gabriel Mayer, Capri Niedbalski, Hayley Pfeiffer, Sierra Riecken, Addison Scott, Liam Scott, Aidan Washburn, Taylor West, Jaden Wilsey

Seventh Grade – McKenzie Bottorff, Shawn Carey, Olivia Christner, Madison Cunningham, Alyonna Davis, Logan Feathers, Matthew Fortney, Grace Gambaiana, Eli Kerkman, Logan McVay, Justin Mills, Ashlynn Piller, Michael Pinkman, Jenoveva Valentin, Keldon VanLaningham, Kira Zywiec

Sixth Grade – Daniela Aguilar Medina, Paige Alexander, Coy Beetison, Paxton Beranek, Kade Brauckmuller, Sofia Dill, Logan Fangmeyer, Marley Glock, Joseph Greise, Alexis Hasse, Gracie Hofmeister, Hailee Holsan-Reiners, Gwendolyn Jacobs, Evan Karas, Maddie Laughlin, Shelby Lyons, Xavier Mayer, Knox Percival, Aaron Rivera, Aiden Stewart, Grace Turner, Chase Voss, Audra West

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