Glacial Till chef

CHEF: Glacial Till’s new chef Alison Hill has created a winter menu that includes the Ploughman’s Board with cheese, cured meat, pickles, onions, fruit and beet cured eggs (left) and the Marquette poached pear (right) with almond granola and vanilla whipped cream. (Staff Photo by Pamela Thompson)

ASHLAND – Before she became the chef at Glacial Till Cider House and Tasting Room in Ashland, Alison Hill worked with art, décor and furniture as well as food.

Hill, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln psychology graduate, co-owned an interior design company while running a catering business in Lincoln.

Hill’s beautifully landscaped table spreads featuring delicious and distinctive charcuterie boards earned her a unique reputation for catering magazine-quality private events.

Working with both furniture and food may seem unrelated to some, but to Hill, “it’s all about creating a look.”

“I think food and furniture go hand in hand,” she said. “I have the same passion in the hunt.”

Hill’s prior businesses in Lincoln consumed all of her time. At Glacial Till, she’ll create the attractive selections Wednesday through Sunday, from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.

“It will be nice to focus my energies on one thing,” Hill said.

Creating shared plates that pair nicely with Glacial Till’s hard ciders and wines has been a fun challenge for Hill.

The new menu for the downtown Ashland location features two different charcuterie boards, designed to feed two to six people. The Local Board offers cured meats, cheeses, fruit, candied pecans served with crackers and baguette. The Ploughman’s Board features sourdough, hard cheese, cured meat, pickles, pickled onions, fruit and beet-cured hard-boiled eggs. Both boards are priced at $12.

Not only are the boards delicious, but they are attractive to the eye.

“I hope to focus on what flavors work well together and look appealing,” she said.

Hill said she’ll keep expanding the menu after the holidays.

The Winter Menu also features a classic hummus – a chick pea dip – served with a crudité of vegetables and a baguette for $8. If customers want to try something besides regular hummus, they have a choice between a chimichurri or romesco flavoring for an additional $2.

To add a little heat, diners should try Hill’s Shishito Peppers for $6. The peppers are charred with chili oil, sea salt and pea shoots. For those who want to try something lighter and a bit sweeter, choose the Marquette poached pear. Poached in Marquette wine, the pear is served with a vanilla-whipped cream and almond granola.

Prior to hiring Hill, Glacial Till offered a limited selection of pretzels, cheese curds, bread and olive oil dips. Now, with Hill creating appetizing treats in the tasting room’s small kitchen, customers can sample one or all of the new dishes.

“We’re excited to introduce the new menu over the holidays,” Hill said. The owners are happy to have the charcuterie boards, hummus, shishito peppers, and Marquette poached pear available for families and friends who are in Ashland this time of year.

“I think the food and the wine work well together,” Hill said. “They just fit.”

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