WAHOO – Several more accidents were reported in the month of November on Saunders County roads, and the month is still not over.

Reports from two Nov. 1 accidents that occurred just minutes apart at different locations in the county were recently released by the Saunders County Sheriff’s Department.

At 8:07 p.m., Merlin Baade of Lincoln was northbound on Highway 79 four miles north of Valparaiso in a 2009 Nissan when he ran onto the shoulder. The vehicle was “sucked in” to the east ditch, according to the report, and up onto the railroad tracks. Baade reported that he was unable to correct the vehicle. The vehicle was totaled, but Baade was not injured.

Just eight minutes later, Levi Richards was heading east on Highway 92, 1.5 miles east of Yutan, when a deer ran from the north ditch onto the highway, colliding with the driver’s side of the 2011 Ford Econoline van Richards was driving. Approximately $1,500 in damage was done to the van, which is owned by Father Flanagans Boys Home in Omaha. No injuries were reported.

A black calf standing in the middle of the road totaled a 2012 Chevy Equinox during a collision on Nov. 9 two miles west of Prague.

Daniel Snitily of Abie was driving the sport utility vehicle westbound on County Road R when he encountered the black Angus calf owned by Dave Sousek of Prague, who reported $750 in damage to the animal.

Icy roads caused an accident on Nov. 11 near Fremont that damaged two vehicles. Clare Richardson of Omaha was driving a 2003 Toyota Camry north on Highway 77 two miles south of Fremont following a 2019 Chevy Silverado driven by Troy Hoffman of Lincoln. According to the report, Hoffman and Richardson were both slowing down when Richardson began to slide on ice or snow and slid into the oncoming lane, then struck Hoffman’s pickup on the driver’s side.

Richardson’s Toyota suffered $750 damage, while $1,500 in damage was done to the pickup driven by Hoffman and owned by Kerford Limestone Co., Inc. of Weeping Water. No injuries were reported.

Both drivers were taken to an Omaha medical facility for treatment following a collision on Highway 92 at Yutan on Nov. 14.

According to the accident report, Terri Braun of Yutan was driving a 2014 Ford F150 pickup eastbound on Highway 92 and attempted to make a left turn from the highway to Cubby’s. Braun failed to yield to westbound traffic and struck Kimberly Arney of Wahoo, who was heading west in a 2006 Chrysler minivan.

Another animal caused an accident on Nov. 15. Clare Austell of Cedar Bluffs was driving a 2013 GMC Terrain on County Road X, one mile south and one-quarter mile west of Inglewood when a deer entered the roadway and collided with her vehicle.

Approximately $5,000 was done to the SUV, which his owned by Raleigh Brooks of Cedar Bluffs. No injuries were reported.

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