OMAHA – Led by University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) federal agencies and spearheaded by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), a press conference was held this morning regarding the Americans coming to Nebraska for quarantine at Camp Ashland.

Dr. Jeff Gold, chancellor of UNMC, said it will be 24 to 36 hours until the plane carrying the people who lived in the epicenter of the corona virus in China arrive at Espley Airfield Friday.

According to the CDC, the manifest is not complete but they do know that there will potentially be people ages zero to 70, male and female. There is staff coordination among medical team, CDC team and an administrative team for Children and Families for all federal teams.

Gold said support services such as providing linens, food and dialed up Wi-Fi will be provided.

Each room is modest, hotel-style and will have a TV, room for exercise equipment and a play room for the kids with age appropriate activities. Family units will have adjoining door so families stay together.

The CDC strongly stated there is no sustained human to human virus in the United States at this time. They also encourage Nebraskans to get their information from trusted parties and to check the CDC website daily where the most up-to-date science based information will be updated as they learn more about this virus.

Gov. Pete Rickets said in light of last year’s flooding, he knows that Nebraskan’s will step up to help their neighbors once again.

“Now, we are faced with another issue where we have the opportunity to step up at a national level to help these families and to show the Nebraska strong spirit,” Rickets said. “We have the expertise at UNMC, world renowned experts to deal with these infectious diseases. I’m confident we have the expertise and facilities here to take care of these Americans and families during the quarantine period. It is our duty to help these Americans to ensure the safety of all Americans,” he said.

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