WAHOO – Blue Valley Behavioral Health is open.

That’s the message that Jon Day, executive director, would like Saunders County residents to know.

“We continue to be in tune with the communities we serve and all of our offices are very busy,” Day said.

Day said some clients are rescheduling because they are a little sick or are scared to come out.

“We have taken precautions if they have major signs to reschedule but we want to remind everyone that we are Nebraska’s biggest behavior health telehealth provider,” he said.

“Because of telehealth we are already utilizing that as a therapy tool where you can download on your phone or computer, but there are charges connected with that,” he added.

Day said although the coronavirus pandemic hasn’t arrived in Wahoo or the rural areas, he advises that, as with anything in life, the best advice it to control the areas of life that you can.

“Check your thoughts on where your thoughts are outside or in yourself,” he said. “Go for a walk, be outside if you can.”

Day said he and the staff at Blue Valley continue to encourage others who are staying at home to keep connected with factual information and other people.

“It’s our human nature to do what others are doing and react to the news,” he said.

Day said the present situation can cause anxiety for some.

“You read about the spread and about the symptoms and it will cause anxiety. Eventually after people hear it enough, they see things are not as bad and you get thicker skin and realize what’s doable and what’s real,” he said.

Day said this is a perfect time to reach out to others you might not otherwise reach out to.

“Use the resources you have,” he said. “Reach out and call people. Social media can be a double-edged sword to connect with a variety of different people, but it can also keep us isolated. If you are a neighbor or a friend to someone you know that really is stuck inside reach out to them.”

For people who are used to going to daily and or weekly support groups, Day suggested other measure to stay connected.

“Get creative, use Skype or other tele platforms or applications that are free to utilize,” he said.

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