Jada Scott Photography

WELCOME TO DOWNTOWN: Jada Scott Photography celebrated opening a new studio in downtown Ashland with an open house earlier this month. The Ashland Area Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting at the same time. Pictured are (from left) President Bradley Pfeiffer, Shirley Niemeyer, Corey Scott, Bob Luebbe, Jada Scott, Cash Scott, Case SCott, Sam SCott, Addison Scott, Jim Anderson, Vera Crnkovich, Stephanie Swerczek and Laura Capp. (Staff Photo by Suzi Nelson)

ASHLAND – After working for the last 12 years out of her home, photographer Jada Scott has moved into a studio in historic downtown Ashland.

Jada Scott Photography is now located at 1432 Silver Street, the former home of The Ashland Gazette’s office. The building is owned by the Ashland Area Chamber of Commerce and has housed many tenants over the years.

Scott was excited to have the opportunity to locate her business in a storefront in the heart of the city she now calls home.

“I’ve wanted to do it for a long time,” she said.

Scott began her photography business in 2008 after she quit her job in accounting. Photography started as a hobby for Scott about five years earlier, after she got married and received her wedding photos.

Her photography skills are mostly self-taught; she learned as she went.

“I call it the school of hard knocks,” she said.

With a college degree in business management from the University of Nebraska at Omaha, Scott knew she wanted to be her own boss one day. She grew up in Gretna and now lives in a lake community near Ashland with her family, which includes husband Corey and children Sam, Addison, Case and Cash.

Working from home was her choice as Scott’s family grew. Now, she is ready to take on the challenge of working out of a separate building where she has more room for studio portraits.

Scott has been known for her wedding and family photography, but she recently has been transitioning out of wedding photography because it keeps her away from home so much on the weekends.

“There’s always going to be a spot in my heart for weddings, but I feel it’s time to refocus on what type of photographer I want to be.”

Scott also works frequently with the Ashland-Greenwood Public Schools for photography of sports teams and other activities.

Her clientele includes many repeat customers and she enjoys seeing their families grow over the years.

“I have a lot of clients that have been coming to me for eight to 10 years,” she said. “It’s really humbling when they come back.”

Scott’s main objective with her photography is to capture a moment in time for a family.

“It’s creating something that’s a gift, that’s priceless,” she said.

She opened the studio in July after she and her husband, Corey Scott, worked hard to make it the way she wanted. They took out some walls and added new flooring.

The historic wall that included the window from Dr. Kirkpatrick’s doctor’s office was carefully removed and donated to the Ashland Historical Society.

Now Scott has a spot where customers can come to have their photograph taken, look at photographs or just browse through the products available.

“It’s nice to have a spot where they can come in and look at pictures,” she said.

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