MORSE BLUFF – Two people have been charged in a pair of home burglaries in the northwestern part of Saunders County.

Brandon Swanson and Rielee Wermers have been charged with two counts of burglary for their alleged involvement in burglaries near Morse Bluff and Prague in September.

The Saunders County Sheriff’s Office was called on Sept. 25 by a person who saw a car parked on County Road V near Morse Bluff. The driver of the car, Swanson, told the man that stopped that their car had broken down. The man helped Swanson with the car, which started right away, he reported. The man became suspicious of the driver and the female passenger, Wermers, so he grabbed the car keys and called 911. The suspects threw a glass jug of coins at the man and then got out of the car and walked down County Road V.

The sheriff’s department contacted the owner of the nearby home, and the owner reported the home had been broken into and coins, cash and jewelry were missing.

The Sheriff’s Department and the Nebraska State Patrol conducted a search for the two suspects using a K-9 unit and helicopter. Swanson and Wermers were apprehended.

Wermer told investigators that Swanson had kicked in the door and took the coins. She also admitted the pair were allegedly involved in a break-in on Sept. 19 on County Road T near Prague, where about $1,000 worth of cash and coins were taken.

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