Board of Supervisors

Notice is hereby given that the

Saunders County Board of Supervisors

will meet at 9:00 a.m., Tuesday,

August 2, 2016 in the OLD DISTRICT

COURTROOM, 3rd Floor of

Courthouse, 433 N. Chestnut Street,

Wahoo, NE, which meeting will be

open to the attendance of the public.

Announcement of location of

Open Meetings Act & Title VI Policy

Statement (A copy of the Open

Meetings Act & Title VI Policy Statement

are posted on the North wall

(right hand side) as you enter the

Board Room)

Pledge of Allegiance

Those wishing to speak on

items specific to today’s agenda -

must sign in with the County Clerk

prior to 9:00 a.m. and list the

agenda item(s) you wish to speak

on. Each speaker will be limited to

three (3) minutes

Those wishing to speak on

items relating to other County business

not on the agenda may speak

during the Open Discussion from the

Public portion of the agenda. Each

speaker will be limited to three (3)

minutes. The Open Discussion from

the Public will be limited to half (½)

an hour. These limits may be extended

at the discretion of the

County Board Chair.


Discussion and consideration of

possible action on the following:

Public Works Director - Reports

on maintenance/repairs of

Roads and Bridges, activities of the

Maintenance Department of the

Courthouse and Law Enforcement &

Judicial Center Maintenance Dept.,

Noxious Weed Dept. and County


-Consideration of bids for the following:

1. Wahoo Southwest Project

C007802515 - for supplies and materials

to construct a triple 120”x42’

corrugated metal pipes on a 0 deg.

Skew with steel headwalls and


2. Mead South Overlay Project - is

comprised of approximately 5.7 miles

of asphalt overlay on Road 10,

beginning just north of Highway 66

and ending just south of Highway 92

Saunders Medical Center -

Monthly activity report and financials


Tax Correction(s):

Minutes of the July 26th meeting

Public Hearing for the following

Proposed Amendments to the

County Zoning Regulations:

-Replace current text of Saunders

County Zoning Regulations, Section

6.12.01 intent, with the following:

1. These regulations shall apply to

all lands within the jurisdiction of

Saunders County identified on the

Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM)

Index # 31155CIND0B dated 08/03/

2016, as well as all associated

panels; as numbered and unnumbered

A Zones (including AE, AO,

and AH Zones) established in Section

6.12 of this ordinance. In all

areas covered by this ordinance, no

development shall be permitted, except

upon the issuance of a

floodplain permit to develop, granted

by Saunders County Board or its

duly designated representative, under

such safeguards and restrictions

as Saunders County Board, or the

designated representative, may reasonably

impose for the promotion

and maintenance of the general welfare

and health of the inhabitants of

the community.

-Add the following to Saunders

County Zoning Regulations, Section

6.12, E, 1:

2. Appurtenant structures used exclusively

for storage of motor vehicles

and storage of other items

readily removable in the event of a

flood warning, may have their lowest

floor below one foot above the base

flood elevation, provided the structure

is capable of withstanding hydrostatic

and hydrodynamic forces

caused by the base flood, and provided

that no utilities are installed in

the structure, except elevated or

flood proofed electrical fixtures. If

the structure is converted to another

use, it must be brought into full compliance

with the minimum standards

governing such use.

-Add “Appurtenant structure” to the

Saunders County Zoning Regulations,

Section 1.03, Definitions:


shall mean a structure on the same

parcel of property as the principal

structure, the use of which is incidental

to the use of the principal

structure, up to a maximum of 400

square feet.

Payroll for the August 5th pay


Fiscal Year 2016-2017 Budget:

1. Budgetary matters

Report from the Board Administrative


Items of a routine nature for approval:

Minutes of the July 26th meeting

Meeting Dates - (Aug. 9,16&23 -

Sept. 6,13,20&27 - Oct. 4,11,18&25)

Committee Reports

Open Discussion from the Public


This agenda is being kept continually

current and available for the

Public’s inspection in the County

Clerk’s office or seen on the

County’s web site at www.saunders An item listed on this

agenda does not indicate that action

will be taken at this Board meeting.

Patti J. Lindgren

Saunders County Clerk

12085682;Jul 28

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