As per Nebr. State Statute 23-122,

the following is a brief statement

of the proceedings of the Saunders

County Board of Supervisors

AND Board of Equalization May 14,

2019 meetings.

Members present were Breunig,

Rastovski, Mach, Sukstorf, Albrecht,

Lutton and Karloff.



Chairperson Karloff called the

meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.

****Recognition of Veteran of the


Larry Kaiser of Ceresco was recognized

at the County’s program of

“Recognition of Veteran of the

Month” today. Mr. Kaiser joined

the Marines April 27, 1954. After

basic training he was assigned to

Point Mugu in California. This facility

was the site where most of

the Navy’s missiles were developed

and tested in during the 50’s

& 60’s. Mr. Kaiser was part of the

guard detachment at the test center.

He finished his enlistment

April 30, 1957 returning to South

Dakota. He married Sharon in November

1959, and since, they have

raised three children – Tammy,

Myron, and Debbie. Larry has

since been a Rancher, worked construction

and an Iron Worker, and

worked for the Postal Service. He

is an Active member of American

Legion Post 244 in Ceresco. He is a

Past Commander, Past Vice

commander, Post Service Officer,

and is part of the Firing Squad performing

at funerals, parades and

other military functions. He is also

a member of the Veterans Committee.

If there is an American Legion

function, you can bet that

Larry has a hand in it whether it’s

the steak dinners the AL host, or

County Government Day, or to be

there on Memorial Day placing

crosses and flags on the fallen

Veterans graves.

1. M-Rastovski, S-Lutton to advertise

for Board Members for Wahoo

Rural Township. Yes all.

2. M-Lutton, S-Sukstorf to set a

Public Hearing time/date for 9:30

a.m., June 4, 2019 for the consideration

of Application #8838 by Amber

Cherny for a change of Zone

from Transitional Agricultural (TA-

1) to Residential Estates (RE), Sec.

14-16-8 (Pohocco Township). Yes all.

3. M-Breunig, S-Rastovski to con-

vene as an Equalization Board at

9:35 a.m. Yes all.



Chairperson Sukstorf called the

meeting to order at 9:35 a.m.

1. M-Breunig, S-Karloff to open

public hearing for the consideration

of application for Tax Exemption

on Real and Personal Property

by First United Methodist Church,

125 WMain, Ceresco – for property

described as Bal Lot 6 all Lot 7

Patzloff Addition to Ceresco. Yes


2. M-Karloff, S-Rastovski to close

the Public Hearing and Approve

Tax Exemption on Real and Personal

Property by First United

Methodist Church, 125 W Main,

Ceresco as described above. Yes


3. M-Rastovski, S-Mach to approve

Tax Corrections #5689 thru #5694,

as presented by the County Assessor.

Yes all.

4. M-Mach, S-Albrecht to approve

the minutes of the April 23rd

Board meeting. Yes all. Chairperson

Sukstorf declared the meeting

adjourned Sine Die at 9:39 a.m.

Upon the adjournment of the

Equalizaton Board, the Saunders

County Board of Supervisors reconvened

in their Regular scheduled

Board meeting.

4. M-Lutton, S-Albrecht to convene

in Closed Session at 9:44 a.m., for

prevention of needless injury to an

individual (84-1410) with the County

Attorney present. Yes all.

5. M-Breunig, S-Rastovski to adjourn

from Closed Session at 10:10

a.m. with no action taken and to

reconvene in Regular meeting.

Yes all.

6. M-Mach, S-Breunig to reappoint

the following people to the Saunders

County Visitors

Promotion/Improvement Committee

for a term of four (4) years:

Denise Lawver, Wahoo; Gene

Snitily, Wahoo and Doug Watts,

Wahoo; Terms to expire April 1,

2023. Yes all.

7. M-Breunig, S-Mach to authorize

the Chair to sign the Special Designated

License Local Recommendation

Forms for Moonshine Hole

LLC, dba Fire Proof Door Co, Fremont

NE for a wedding to be held

August 17, 2019 from 1:00 p.m. to

1:00 a.m., at the Woodcliff Community

Center, 980 County Road

W, T-1018, Fremont; and Willow

Springs Bottling Co., Inc. dba Cornhusker

Beverage Mart, Omaha –

for a wedding reception to be held

July 27, 2019 from 4:00 p.m. to 10:00

p.m., at the Woodcliff Community

Center, 980 County Road W, T-1018,

Fremont. Yes all.

8. M-Albrecht, S-Lutton to approve

the minutes of the April 23rd

Board meeting. Yes all.

Chairperson Karloff declared the

meeting adjourned at 10:27 a.m.

A complete copy of the Saunders

County Board of Supervisors proceedings

is on file in the Saunders

County Clerk’s office for review by

the Public or can be seen on the

County’s Web Site at www.saunde

NOTE: This is a draft of the Board

of Supervisors meeting; it is subject

to change or correction(s)

upon the approval by the Board at

their next regular scheduled meeting.


Chairperson Board of Equalization


Chairperson Board of Supervisors


Saunders County Clerk

47017; 5/23

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