The Board of Education of

Saunders County School District

Number One

met on May 20, 2019 at 6:00 p.m.

in Regular Session in the Conference

Room of the Middle

School/High School with these

members present: Beranek,

Nygren, Sapp, Stille and Walsh.

Member Miller was absent.

Notice of the meeting was posted

in advance in the Superintendent’s

Office, 1842 Furnas Street

Ashland, NE, Farmers & Merchants

Bank, 1501 Silver St., Ashland, NE

and Bank of Ashland, 2433 Silver

St., Ashland, NE. All proceedings

of the Board of Education, except

as may be hereinafter noted, were

taken while the convened meeting

was open to the public.

President Stille announced the

current open meetings poster.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Claims and accounts were presented,

accepted and authorized

for payment: (Claims and Accounts)

Approval of minutes of previous

meeting. Financial

Approval previous

meeting. Financial reports accepted.

Contract presented, Board

members absences excused.

The following resolutions were


Approval of overnight travel.

Approval of Superintendent’s


Approval of 2019-2020 Option Enrollment


Approval of closed session.

Reconvene from closed session.


President Stille issued a call to

hold Regular Meeting on June 17,

2019 at 6:00 p.m. All meetings are

scheduled in the Conference Room

of the Ashland-Greenwood High

School building at 1842 Furnas

Street in Ashland. All meetings

are open to the public. An agenda

for the meeting, kept continuously

current, is available for public inspection

during normal business

hours at the District Office, 1842

Furnas Street, Ashland, Nebraska

Ashland-Greenwood Public

Schools’ ClaimsGeneral Fund

Claims20-May-19Check No. Vendor


Description038719Cox Subscriptions,

Inc$352.09; Elem Library:

Books & Periodicals038720PayFlex

Systems USA Inc$270.40; Employee

Benefit038721Nebraska State Literacy

Assoc.$2,490.00; Literacy Ann.

Conf.038722PowerSchool Group

LLC $729.31;PS Support-Talent

Ed038723VISA $1,135.78; Suppl,

Equip, Serv, Book, AV Mt.038724US

Treasury $270.00; ESRP 2016

Payment038725AG Payroll Account

$377,509.42; May Net

Payroll038726BANK OF ASHLAND

$11,099.25; Payroll Section 125

Deduct038727Blue Cross Blue

Shield of NE $116,020.37; Payroll

Health & Dental Ins038728Madison

National Life $1,380.26; Payroll LTD

Insurance Prem038729Madison

National Life $816.12; Payroll Employee

Life Prem038730Merchant

Credit Adjusters, Inc

$ 8 5 1 . 4 7 ; E m p l o y e e

Garnishment038731AG Payroll Account

$17,459.47; Payroll Annuity

Deduction038732AG Payroll Account

$118,547.48; Payroll State

Tax Wthhldg038733Retirement

$101,345.28; Payroll Federal Tax

Wthhldg038734TSA Consulting

Group Inc $2,225.00; Payroll Retirement

Wthhldg038735Vision Service

Plan $902.36; Payroll Employee

Vision Prem038736ABC Termite &

Pest Control Inc. $197.95; Maint:

Services038737ACCO Brands Corp

/GBC $2,768.54; Media: Elem

Laminator MS

Supp.038738Accurate Locksmiths

$97.08; Maintenance:

S u p p l i e s 0 3 8 7 3 9 A s h l a n d -

Greenwood Activities Acct

$2,516.00; MS Yrbk038740Ashland-

Greenwood Hot Lunch $1,108.79;

PS Student & Staff

Meals038741Tiffany Alcorn $25.00;

C h e e r l e a d i n g


$2,859.89; Custodial

:Supplies038743Ashland Auto

Parts $258.89; Transportation:

Supplies038744Ashland Disposal

Service $610.50; Waste

Removal038745A G Public Schools

Foundation $2,485.00; Bd Of Ed:

Staff Dinners038746Ashland Pharmacy

$86.07; Elem Instruction:

supplies038747Auburn High School

$185.60; General: District Speech

$185.60; Speech

Fee038748Awards Unlimited, Inc.

$436.20; Bd of Ed:

Awards038749Boys Town YOUTH

ASSISTANCE $16,668.03; Student

Tuition038750Maris Buller $130.00;

Nurse Sub038751C & L Hardware

$77.66; Maint:

Supplies038752Capital Business

Systems, Inc. $654.84; Copier

Use038753CGS Music dba Robert

Popek $145.00; HS Reg Inst: Repairs

(Band)038754Charter Communications


Cable038755Brooke L Cheleen

$1,310.96; Physical

Therapy038756City Of Ashland

$1,585.50; Water and

Sewer038757Cornhusker International

Trucks, Inc. $319.01; Transportation:


Inc. $301.52 ;Media:

Supplies038759Dynamic Measurement

Group $140.00 ;K-5 Instr:

Software038760Electronic Directory

Corporation $190.00 ;General:

D i s p l a y

warranty038761NCECBVI/ESU #4

$386.00 ;Vision: Services and Conf.

Fee038762Family Service Association

of Lincoln $12,040.00;

Therapy038763Elizabeth Flynn

$52.00 ;Reg. Inst. Professional

Service038764Mary Ziegenbein

$25.00 ;ADMIN supplies:

MS/HS038765Charlotte Gochenour

$25.00; Cheerleading

Judge038766Selena Gochenour

$25.00; Cheerleading

Judge038767Goodwin Tucker

$1,284.21 ;Maint: Oven repair

elem038768GovConnection Inc.

$2,162.75; Inst. Tech:

Supplies038769Grainger $54.15;

Maint: shop supplies038770Great

Plains Appraisal Company

$3,150.00; Appraisal


Farmers Coop $235.00; Maint:

Chemicals038772Gretna Public

Schools $10,000.00; ELL

Services038773HARRIS $902.73; AE

Maintenance038774Henry Doorly

Zoo $497.00; Elem Instruction:

Field trip fees038775Hillyard/Sioux

Falls $102.75; Custodial:

Supplies038776Insight Public Sector,

Inc. $1,430.00; Inst Tech:

Software038777Interstate-All Battery

Center $640.10; Maintenance:

UPS & Fire Panel038778Gerald

Wright Johnson $597.00; Maintenance:


Supply $395.42; Maint: EX fan

motor038780J. W. Pepper & Son,

Inc $136.94; HS Reg Inst Supplies

(Band)038781Kansas City Audio-

Visual Inc $3,065.00; Projector/Solo

and Document

Cameras038782Lindsay Kellams

$25.00;Dance Team

Judge038783Sierra Kissel $25.00;

Cheerleading Judge038784KSB

School Law, PC LLO $1,196.44; Legal

Service038785Lincoln Public

Schools $1,200.00; Poverty:

Inservice038786Matheson Tri-Gas,

Inc/Linweld $214.50;

Rental038787Learning Sciences International

LLC $659.00; Curr. Super.:

Inservice038788Marzano Research

LLC $1,600.00; Marzano

Training Deposit038789Terri

Maxon $280.00 Nurse

Sub038790MCI Communications

Services, Inc. $71.21; Long Distance

Service038791Menard Inc

$157.09; Maint: Shop

supplies038792Michigan Braille

Transcribing Fund $3,203.95; Vision:

HS Books038793Nebraska

Council of School Admin $1,575.00;

Admin. Renewal Fees, Conf.

F e e s 0 3 8 7 9 4 N e b r a s k a

Sprinkler/Scott Brauckmuller

$1,338.20; Maint: Shutoff

v a l v e 0 3 8 7 9 5 N O


Reg Instr, Sped, Bd of Ed:

Supplies038796Nebraska School

Activities Assn. $1,170.00; Pupil

Support: NSAA Membership

Fees038797NSTA $175.00; Transportation:


Nygren $70.00; Nurse

Sub038799One Source, Inc $72.50;

Empl Background

Checks038800Omaha Public Power

District $8,658.93

Electricity038801J.W. Pepper & Son

$25.99; HS Reg Inst Supplies

(Band)038802Quill Corp $334.08;

Gen Bus: Supplies038803Shayla

Regner $25.00; Dance Team

Judge038804Devon Rezac $25.00;

C h e e r l e a d i n g

Judge038805Riverside Technologies

Inc. (RTI) $3,250.00; Inst Tech:

Chromebook Bags038806Rockler

Woodworking & Hardware $138.96;

Ind Tech: Equipment038807Schmitt

Music Center $4.50; HS Reg Inst

Supplies (Band)038808School Traditions

LLC/Jostens $113.30; Instruction:


supplies038809School Specialty

Inc $77.59; Elem:

Supplies038810Sparkling Klean

$7,240.00; Janitorial

Service038811Mollie Sundermeier

$25.00; Dance Team

Judge038812TSA Consulting Group

Inc $83.33; Third Party

Admin038813Ty’s Outdoor Power &

Service Inc $166.80; Maint: Hustler

mower repair038814USIC Locating

Services, LLC $90.00; Maint: Locating

Service038815Voyager Fleet

Systems, Inc. $5,112.87; Transportation:


Westling $25.00; Dance Team

Judge038817Beverly WIggs

$7,217.10; Occupational

Therapy038818Williams Sales &

Service $1,020.00; Transp: Bus


$230.50; Local Telephone

Service038820LaQuinta Inn and

Suites $209.90; Curr. Supervision:

Lodging038821Woodwind &

Brasswind $498.74; HS Instruct

Furn & Equip

(Band)038822CenterPoint Energy

Services Retail, LLC $4,549.57; Natural

Gas March038823Admin Operations

Account $2,260.70; Field

Trips, Mileage, Travel

038824Ashland Auto Parts $22.76;

Custodial: Supplies038825Keith A

Byrkit $50.00; Piano Repair038826C

& L Hardware $22.88; Maint/Cust:

Supplies038827Dick Blick Company

$134.12; Instruction: Art

Supplies038828Engineered Controls,

Inc. $108.00; Maintenance:

Service038829GovConnection Inc.

$261.51; Inst Tech:

Equip038830Hotsy Equipment Co

$462.02; Transportation: Pressure

Washer038831Gerald Wright Johnson

$90.00; Maintenance:

Service038832Maxi Aids Inc $27.60;

MS Vision

Supplies038833Mailroom Finance

Inc $750.00; Postage038834PayFlex

Systems USA Inc $270.40; Employee

Benefit038835School’s In, LLC

$766.90; HS Instruct Furn & Equip

(Band)038836US Mechanical Service

Inc $2,410.20; Maintenance:

Qtrly Service/Serv


Call038837Western Sand & Gravel

$111.81; Maint: sand for pits at

track038838Yutan Public Schools

$13,599.40; Baseball Coop 18-19

Carrie Holz, Executive Secretary

47922; 5/30

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