On January 12, 2017, Nathan

Ahlman purchased the following

property, sold by Saunders County,

Nebraska for $79.59 in delinquent

taxes and fees for the year

2015. Subsequent taxes and interest

may have accrued and been

paid since the date of this notice

is given by the purchaser.

Certificate Number: PS002478

Parcel Number: 4448501

Legal Description: That part of

Dean’s Residence Lot in Dean’s

Addition to Ashland, Saunders

County, Nebraska, described as

commencing at the SE corner of

Dean’s Residence Lot, thence

S2°19’20”E (assumed bearing) 66.0

feet along the West line of Cherry

Street, thence N89°33’25”W 67.3

feet to centerline of Creek, thence

along center line of Creek

N36°14’25”W, 65.79 feet, thence

S62°21’40”W 83.0 feet, thence

N45°50’38”W 87.83 feet, thence

N51°57’40”W 66.97 feet to the West

line of said tract, thence

N2°19’20”E 249.01 feet, thence

S87°40’40”E 300.0 feet to the West

line of Cherry Street, thence

S02°19’20”W along said West line

288.47 feet to the place of beginning,

except that portion which

may be county road right of way

and except and subject to any portion

taken or used as set forth in

of Appraisers filed Septem-

Return of Appraisers filed September

25, 1987, in Book 21, Page 664.

The foregoing real property is assessed

to: Ashland Salvage, Inc.,

602 Dennis Dean Road, Ashland, NE


That the issuance of a tax deed is

subject to the right of redemption

under Sections 77-1824 to 77-1830.

The right of redemption requires

payment to the county treasurer,

for the use of such purchaser, or

his or her heirs or assigns, the

amount of taxes represented by

the tax sale certificate for the year

the taxes were levied or assessed

and any subsequent taxes paid

and interest accrued as of the

date payment is made to the

county treasurer.

The right of redemption expires at

the close of business on the date

of application for the tax deed,

and a deed may be applied for after

the expiration of three months

from the date of service of this notice.

After expiration of at least

three months from the date of

service of this notice, a tax deed

will be applied for by Nathan


Nathan Ahlman, Purchaser


1442 Silver Street

Ashland, NE 68003

(402) 944-3383

129933; 3/26, 4/2, 4/9

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