BRAINARD – East Butler Public Schools Board of Education has approved the early graduation of sophomore student Sydney Christensen at the end of her junior year.

    Superintendent Sam Stecher explained the situation to the board last Wednesday. Christensen has taken multiple high level classes in order to prepare herself for college, so much so that there are no more classes at East Butler for her to take.

    He said the problem was Christensen had not yet fulfilled the physical education requirements for graduation. The board had the authority to waive those requirements, so long as it was for the purpose of graduating. Stecher said she had her parent’s permission and supported Christensen’s goal of early graduation.

    However, he did warn the board that this could “open the door” to other students applying for early graduation who have not fulfilled their own physical or academic requirements. Before making its decision, the board heard from Christensen.

    She said this has been a decision long in the making and was preparing for it in every way she could. Christensen said if her early graduation is approved, she plans on applying to a program that allows for entering college immediately after high school. Once there, she plans on pursuing a career in microbiology, specifically the study of diseases.

    Christensen said she has narrowed her choices of colleges down to a small handful, but has not yet applied. She also said that in the event of being denied early graduation, she will need to transfer to another high school with a wider range of higher level classes for her to take, as she will have finished all available at East Butler High School by the end of her junior year.

    “I’m ready to get started on this,” Christensen said.

    After a brief consideration, the board voted unanimously to allow early graduation.

    In other business, the board approved the hiring of Lisa Bohaty as Technology Integration Specialist and Brian Hermelbracht as physical education teacher/assistant activities director for the 2019 to 2018 year.

    New board members Ryan Pekarek, Sarah Strizek and Dylan Spatz were welcomed to the Board of Education. Officer elections were also held, with Megan Kozisek remaining as Board President and Dan Zysset remaining as secretary and Kim Tepoel elected as the new vice president.

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