Judge Christina Marroquin

County Clerk Patty McEvoy

New Criminal

State of Nebraska vs. Chris A. Fujan, exploitation/abuse of a vulnerable adult.

State of Nebraska vs. Dylan Will, manufacturing of child pornography, tampering with a witness and violation of protection order.

State of Nebraska vs. Zackery L. Alley, tampering with a witness, third degree assault and disturbing the peace.

State of Nebraska vs. Nicholas Kadavy, theft of over $5,000 by deception, possession of methamphetamine and driving under suspension.


Penny Brian vs. Martin Nonella, protection order.

Amanda M. Petersen vs. Zach Petersen, protection order.

Coral Schult vs. Johnathan Edwards, protection order.

State of Nebraska vs. Christopher Kirwan, paternity.

Kiera E. Dean vs. Jason M. Dean, paternity.

Kryton Taylor vs. Zeus A. Blair, paternity.


Diane Wagner, Clerk


Nebraska State Patrol

Speeding: Misty Cole, $75; Connor D. Smith, $75; Barry D. Schneider, $25; Matt B. Nelson, $25; Chelsey J. Fahrni, $25; Randy W. Dexter, $25.

Overweight on axle/axles: Daniel V. Zacarias, $150.

Saunders County Sheriff

Speeding: Lee M. Busselman, $75; Kenneth J. Baines, $75; Bradley L. Ebel, $25; Bill A. Janak, $125; Chelsea M. Sutton, $200.

No valid registration: Douglas L. Baer, $25.

No operator’s license: Roberto J. Luna, $75.


Speeding: Kimberly A. Schnakenberg, $75.

Unsafe backing: Luke L. Fairbanks, $25.

Fail to yield right-of-way: Karen A. Smith, $25.


Trevor James Maly of Weston and Kary Jo Stanek of Weston, issued Dec. 28.

Douglas Lee Vanicek of Wahoo and Kristina Lee Williams of Fremont, issued Dec. 31.



Register of Deeds

Rhonda Andresen

Elizabeth A. Lindholm to Chad Herms, lot 3 and partial lot 4 in block 15, Jensens of Valparaiso.

Steven C. and Amy D. Stanek to DNA Productions LLC, 31-13-6 partial NW 1/4 NE 1/4.

Marvin D. and Betty A. Noerenberg to Mark W. and Tara J. Timm, 33-14-8 partial S 1/2 NW 1/4.

Norman C. Osmera to Osmera Leasing LLC, lot 3, 4, 5, 6 in block 38, South Wahoo of Wahoo.

H. Lee and Monica L. Becker to H. Lee and Monica L. Becker Trust, lot 5 Willow Creek of Wahoo.

Marion M. Johnson Trust to Paul R. and Maureen Flierl, 27-15-8 partial NE 1/4 NW 1/4.

Daniel A. Lindquist to Jacob

and Taylor Wusk, lot 5 in block 5, Bel-Aire of Wahoo.

Dell D. and Sandra K. Schmidt to Ryan D. Schmidt, partial lot 1, 2, 3 in block 121, County of Wahoo.

Susan R. Swenson to Scott A. Swenson, lot 1 Kobzas of Valparaiso.

Susan R. Swenson to Scott A. Swenson, lot 3, 4, 5 in block 14, Jensens of Valparaiso.

Scott A. Swenson to Susan R. Swenson, block 5, Jensens third of Valparaiso.

Wayne A. Walla Estate to Sarafin L. Vega, lot 13, 14, 15 in block 5, Weston of Weston.

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