4-H benches

BENCH BUILDERS: Mid-Bluff Livestock 4-H Club members build a bench last Friday that will be placed on the Saunders County fairgrounds. Pictured are (from left) Taylor Thiesen, Jaxon Thiesen, Zoey Feala, Tucker Kruse and Tristyn Feala. (Staff Photo by Suzi Nelson)

WAHOO – A local 4-H club was busy last week building four new benches for the Saunders County fairgrounds.

The Mid-Bluff Livestock 4-H Club members, along with their leaders and parents, assembled the benches at the Commercial Building because of rain.

Club Member Taylor Thiesen said they received a grant from the Fremont Area Community Foundation after giving a presentation to the organization that included a slide show and video. The club also received a donation from the Wahoo Community Foundation and the Saunders County Agriculture Society. The benches are engraved with the names of these groups to honor each sponsor, as well as one for the club itself.

“It’s really nice how supportive the community has been,” said club leader Sarah Kruse.

The new benches are made of composite, which will last longer than the wooden benches on the fairgrounds’ Arbor Trail that they will replace, said Kruse.

The club is also working on adding patio lights to the trail, which was created by the club more than 20 years ago. The trail runs between the 4-H and Open Class buildings.

There are 20 members in the Mid-Bluff 4-H Livestock Club. The members not only work with livestock, but also do a wide variety of 4-H projects.

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