WAHOO – With another successful county fair in the books, the Saunders County Agricultural Society is already thinking about the next one.

The Society’s Board of Directors gave the nod Aug. 21 to starting the process to build a new poultry/rabbit barn. The board appointed a committee to oversee the project and approved advertising for a contractor to help with the project.

“Let’s get bids so we can at least start the process,” said Saunders County Agricultural President Kris Kavan.

The specific plans for a replacement barn for poultry and rabbit entries have not been drawn up yet. Kavan said that is what the committee will be doing, with the help of the contractor.

The board has been making improvements to buildings on the fairgrounds over the years. The rabbit/poultry barn has been identified as the remaining livestock barn that needed to be replaced.

The first barn that was replaced was the sheep/goat barn. When that barn was built, however, gables were not installed on the roof.

Ag Society Board Member Dave Chvatal said the board has since learned that was a mistake. Other newer barns on the fairgrounds now have them and it has helped with some issues, such as sun.

The general contractor for the rabbit/poultry barn will be asked to prepare bid specifications for adding gables to the sheep/goat barn.

In other business at last week’s meeting, the board heard a report from Saunders County Sheriff Kevin Stukenholtz.

The sheriff said from a law enforcement perspective the fair went reasonable well.

“It was good all in all for the amount of problems we had,” he said.

There were a few incidents. but nothing he classified as major. The biggest challenge for security and enforcement was the night of the concert. Stukenholtz said several citations were issued for minor in possession.

Saunders County Amusement Association President Robert Spicka also reported a good year for the carnival. He said volunteer shifts were filled this year and the additional training that had to be provided at the start of each shift went well.

“The biggest challenge is staying in compliance with the state,” Spicka added.

He said the change to shut down the kiddie rides a little earlier on slow nights seemed to work ok, without too many negative comments.

There was no shutting down early on the first night of the full carnival, with rides and games.

“Tuesday used to be our slowest night, but we made it wristband night and it will beat Saturday night,” he said.

Ag Society Board Member Jordan Kavan reported that the new ATM installed this year was a hit too. He said over $23,000 went through the machine during the run of the rodeo and fair.

The Ag Society purchased the machine and collected a surcharge on the transactions.

“It’s about a third of the way to being paid off in one year,” Kavan added.

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