RETURNED: Wahoo Public Library Director Denise Lawver and Janet Maly, assistant librarian, look through some of the many antique photos they recently received from a couple of local families. (Staff Photo by Chris Legband)

WAHOO – A large envelope arrived with some very old pictures that were postmarked from the Pacific Northwest.

On the back of each picture was stamped “Anderson Studio Wahoo, Nebraska.”

These historical pictures had traveled from Oregon to Wahoo and landed at the Wahoo Public Library.

Wahoo Public Library Director Denise Lawver said inside the envelope was a note that said the pictures were found by the family as they were cleaning out their father’s home.

“We had no prior contact from her, just two large priority mail envelopes filled with photos of people and Luther College,” Lawver said.

According to Lawver, a second photo group came by way of an initial phone call from a woman in Sterling, Colo. who too was cleaning out her parents’ home and found the photo album that had several pictures with the Anderson Studio imprint on the back.

“This photo album is definitely from the late 1890’s and has the original fabric cover with gold embellishments,” she said of the second set of photos. “These photos are unique in that they do have names written on the bottom of the photos and some even have dates.”

Lawver said the woman from Colorado said that she looked up Anderson Studio in Wahoo and then had to figure out where Wahoo was.

“She called us knowing that libraries are the information place,” Lawver said. “She asked if we knew the photography studio and of course we did. She then offered to send us the photo album in the hopes we could find someone related to the folks in the photos who would be happy to get them.”

After the photos arrived Lawver said they called Joe Vculek and he came down to look at the album. He reportedly knew right away several of the people in the photos because of the names.

“The first batch of photos from Oregon were mainly single pictures of men and women that we believe were graduates of Luther Academy,” Lawver said. “There was a photo of the college grounds at Luther and also an early photo of the courthouse corner.”

Lawver said she’s thrilled that the photo’s all went to a wonderful resting place where they can be treasured and saved for future generations.

“The first batch went to the museum but the photo album that just arrived actually has a family connection that is still living here in Wahoo and we were perfectly happy to reunite the album with the Borreson family,” she said.

After receiving the photo album from the library, George Borreson said it was really neat to see them.

“I’m glad to have them back after all of those years,” he said. “I can hardly wait to see my sisters and show them.”

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