WAHOO – Blue Valley Behavioral Health (BVBH) is celebrating a huge milestone this year.

     BVBH will celebrate their 50th anniversary in 2020.

    According to John Day, BVBH executive director, they are the largest rural behavioral health organization in Nebraska with 12 locations in southeast Nebraska.

     Day said the Wahoo office provides similar services as all BVBH’s offices do, which makes it such a unique organization.

     “In Wahoo, outpatient mental health and substance abuse treatment is provided to adults and youth. This may involve individual, family and marital therapy addressing issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship issues along with substance abuse treatment (and substance abuse evaluations) for issues such as alcohol, marijuana and other drugs,” he said.

     Day also said that medication management is provided in which medication is prescribed by a medical provider and managed by a licensed provider. Community support is also provided to adults who have a major mental illness.

     “Services are provided in the office but also there are school-based services as well,” he said. “Over 300 people are seen in Wahoo each year.”

     Day has been with the organization for 27 years.

     “We’ve shown consistency in being a behavioral health provider in Wahoo along with being innovative. We moved into a new office about five years ago,” he said.

     Eric Thomalla is the substance abuse outpatient counselor and also the director of Substance Abuse Services.

     Thomalla said that BLBH provides top of the line services to those in need.  Those services include evaluations and individual sessions, mental health services and medication management.

     “We are also one of the first outpatient providers to offer telehealth sessions for substance abuse, mental health, and medication management,” Thomalla said. “We work as a team to provide the best care possible and are passionate about the people we are helping. “

     Day is especially happy with the number of local collaborations.

     “We have a good relationship with a variety of referral sources that includes the hospital, physicians, attorneys, the court system, law enforcement, probation, DHHS, schools, other local agencies and businesses,” he said.

     According to Day, services are offered year round with the exception of the school based program.

     “People coming in for behavioral health treatment can be strong during the whole year, but during the winter and early spring months can be busier. This is due to the colder weather and less activity,” he said.

     Day said BVBH places a tremendous emphasis on providing accessible mental and substance abuse treatment to all ages and socio economic status, no matter if it’s a temporary transitional issue or a long term problem.

     “We recognize that anyone can struggle with issues such as anxiety, depression, family conflict, substance use on various levels,” he said. “We also recognize the importance or pursuing treatment earlier in the stages of an emotional issue being it makes things easier in the long run.”

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