WAHOO – The track at Wahoo High School will be getting some work.

The District 39 Board of Education voted Monday evening to hire Pro Track ad Tennis Inc. of Bennington to make repairs to the track. The bid amount was $79,900.

Superintendent Brandon Lavaley said the company’s proposal is to remove the worst sections of the track and fill the area back in with multiple layers of material. A structural spray is then applied to the track.

He said it is messy and labor intensive but might buy some additional time for the old track that has severe cracks and foundation problems.

The work comes with a five year guarantee. Lavaley said the hope was that project could hopefully add seven to 14 years onto the life of the track.

Board Member Mike Hancock said short of going to the expense of replacing the entire track, this seemed like a good option at this time.

Board Member Lora Iversen asked about the company’s references and other school projects.

Lavaley said a similar project was done at Yutan Public Schools. While there were issues after the initial work done, he said a second fix met satisfaction of the school.

Also at the meeting Monday, the board gave the go ahead to a resurfacing project at the high school.

The superintendent said the north parking lot had taken a hard hit from winter weather condition.

“There was nothing we could have done to prevent or foresee it,” he said.

Cones now mark areas that have completely broken up.

Parking Area Maintenance Inc. of Omaha will put down new asphalt on the lot for about $10,000.

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