WAHOO – There was a whole lot of inventing going on in Wahoo last week.

For the second year, Camp Invention brought soon to be kindergarten through sixth grade students together for a five-day focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

Lisa Bohaty helped to bring the program to Wahoo last year and was again the director for this year’s program held at Wahoo Middle/High School last week.

The program is under the guidance of the National Inventors Hall of Fame and gives children the freedom to think of new, innovative ideas.

“They do the curriculum and give us all the materials,” Bohaty said.

She reported that 70 kids signed up to take part this year. That was an increase from last year’s 54 participants. Students from Wahoo Public, St. Wenceslaus and Raymond Central Public schools participated.

At least half of this year’s campers took part in last year’s program, but there was still much for those repeat campers to learn and do.

“Every year is something different,” Bohaty said.

This year’s camp had four different area’s that the students rotated through each day in groups.

In Farm Tech, students learned about putting farm technology to work. They had a moo-athon, practiced milking, ran DNA lab tests, programmed a Bot Ann-E and built hay launching devices.

The Innovation Force sessions dealt with superheroes, marketing, patents, trademarks and creating the students’ own brands.

In Deep Sea Mystery, students learned not only about water, but also about boats, sail making, keeping vessels afloat, fish and special underwater equipment.

Students got their hands on some remote controlled bots in DIY Orbot. In addition to decorating their bots, students got to run them through a “ring of fire” maze, bulldoze objects, play soccer and do synchronized dances.

With the number of students enrolled this year, Bohaty said another instructor had to be added. There were also six high school students lending a hand this year and four junior leadership interns in training.

To cap the week, the students put on a showcase for their families. A video was put on to show the week’s activities and then the students could show their guests projects in each of the camp’s four areas.

Bohaty said they got to take home the project they built too.

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