WAHOO – The deadline for filing for the May 12 Primary Election is drawing near.

    The final day that incumbents (those already in office) can file is Feb. 18. Non-incumbents have until March 2 to officially put their name on the ballot.

    State Sen. Bruce Bostleman of Brainard has filed for re-election in District 23 of the Legislature. As of Jan. 31, no other candidates had filed for the office.

    In Saunders County a handful of candidates have already filed. For the Board of Supervisors, incumbent Doris Karloff has filed for District 2, and incumbent Scott Sukstorf is running again in District 4. In District 6, challenger Tom Hrdlicka, a member of the District 39 Board of Education, has filed for the position.

    One seat in each of the City of Wahoo’s three wards is up for re-election in 2020. In Ward I, incumbent Michael Lawver has not filed as of Jan. 31. The same goes for Ward II, where Gregory Kavan is the incumbent. However, in Ward III, incumbent Patrick Nagle has put his name on the ballot.

    In the other city races, no one has filed in Ashland or Yutan, including incumbents. In Ashland, the incumbents are Paul Gossin in Ward 1 and Mathew Meyer in Ward 2. Gossin recently resigned from the city council due to work issues, so he will not be filing for re-election.

    In Yutan, incumbent Jim McLaughlin in the East Ward and Johanna Peterson in the West Ward have not filed as of Jan. 31.

    On the school ticket, one incumbent from the Ashland-Greenwood Board of Education has filed. That is Eric Beranek. As of Jan. 31, David Nygren and Suzanne Sapp had not put their name on the ballot.

    All three incumbents for the Wahoo school board – Al Grandgenett, Mike Hancock and Hrdlicka – have not filed for re-election. In the Mead school district, incumbent Kevin Hough has filed, but Richard Kuhr has not done so.

    Two of the three incumbents in the Cedar Bluffs school district will run for re-election. They are Garlyn R. Grosse and Wesley Giehler. Shannon Lubker has not filed.

    No one has filed yet for the three seats open in the Raymond Central Board of Education. The incumbents are Brad Breitkreutz in Ward 1, Scott A. Black in Ward 3 and Matthew D. Blanchard in Ward 5.

    Three incumbents in the East Butler school board race have also not filed as of Jan. 31. They are Kim TePoel, Megan Kozisek and Dan Zysset.

    Deadlines for voter registration are also approaching. April 13 is the first day for in-person early voting at the election office. April 24 is the deadline for mail-in, online and agency registration.

    The final day for in-person voter registration is May 1. That is also the last day requests for early voting ballots can be requested. And write-in candidates must file a notarized affidavit by this day as well.

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