WAHOO – The City of Wahoo may be one step closer to purchasing part of the former John F. Kennedy College campus.

At the Wahoo City Council meeting on March 12, the council approved spending $5,000 to acquire assignment of tax sale positions on block 2 in Dickinsons Addition.

Cooper Properties acquired the tax liens on this property. City Attorney Jovan Lausterer contacted them about selling the tax positions to the city.

Once the city owns the tax positions, they can proceed to foreclosure, Lausterer said.

Mayor Jerry Johnson said this was a “big step” for the city. Once the foreclosure is completed, the city will have an opportunity to do something with the property, he added.

Council Member Mike Lawver indicated the public has been waiting to see something done with the property, which has been empty for decades.

“At least politically we can say we are trying to do something with the campus property,” he said.

After separating one ordinance into three, the council gave final approval to measures that ban vaping, keep Kratom out of the hands of youth and raised the allowed age of tobacco use at their most recent meeting.

Ordinance 2343 was granted final approval. The ordinance prevents possession or delivery of tobacco, vapor nicotine products, alternative nicotine products or Kratom to minors.

Ordinance 2344 was also passed on the final reading. This ordinance prohibits vaping in public places. The third ordinance prohibits the sale of Kratom to minors. Kratom is a plant-based material that mimics stimulants and can act like an opioid in higher doses, according to information provided to the council by Wahoo Police Chief Bruce Ferrell.

The council originally discussed these items in a single ordinance. But at their March 5 meeting, the council voted to split it into three separate ordinances.

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