WAHOO – After a lengthy debate, the Wahoo City Council decided it did want to ask for more bids for the city hall renovation project.

During its meeting last Thursday, the council was presented a proposal by JEO Architecture, Inc. to complete a conceptual design and preliminary opinion of cost for the police department and city office renovation project.

City Councilman Stuart Krejci questioned why only one proposal was brought before the council. He said he wasn’t questioning JEO’s work or what it had it it’s proposal, but that it’s a good rule of business to have bids to compare.

“This is going to be a big project and I think we want it to be done right,” he said.

Krejci said it just seemed like a lot of money not to seek bids on. It may well be that JEO is right for the job, he said, but it was the process he was questioning.

Councilman Mike Lawver agreed it was a lot of money and pointed out that some of the work had already been done in plans developed in 2001.

City Administrator Melissa Harrell said she had already negotiated with JEO to bring down the proposal price. She also pointed out that current department heads were requesting some changes from those 2001 plans.

She added JEO was sought out for the proposal because

staff already has some familiarity with the building.

City Councilwoman Karen Boop said she felt JEO’s proposal with the nearly $20,000 price tag was reasonable and didn’t think it was necessary to slow down the process by seeking other proposals. She was one of the two no votes to seeking more proposals.

Councilman Gerry Tyler was the other no vote to going out for more requests for proposals. He pointed out this was not final design stage and having this work in hand could help bring down the cost of the next stage.

But, Krejci, Lawver and councilmen Carl Worford and Greg Kavan chipped in their yes votes for more approval and the motion passed 4-2.

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