WAHOO – Some much-needed improvements to the Wahoo Civic Center were given the go-ahead by the Wahoo City Council.

During the council’s meeting last Thursday, Parks and Recreation Director Kevin Stuhr asked the council for $7,750 to pay JEO Consulting Group for 30 percent of the design and the initial evaluation for a project that would improve the aging indoor pool’s mechanical systems.

Stuhr said the pool was built a quarter-century ago and has ongoing mechanical problems.

“By and large it’s really performed well for us over 25 years, however, we are starting to see deterioration in some components,” he said.

This request would evaluate all of the pool’s mechanical systems, including the filtration, sanitation and chlorine systems as well as look at the building’s HVAC system and boilers.

The project in general would upgrade the portion of the building where the pool is located.

“We want to modernize it, make it more efficient from an energy standpoint,” he said.

Stuhr said the project would be done in 2021, but did not have a specific timeframe. He added that the pool would have to be closed for 30 to 45 days, and they would likely do it in the summer, when usage is down.

The project will also evaluate the feasibility of installing an in-ground whirlpool in the deck area of the pool, Stuhr said. The existing whirlpool is situated above the floor, a situation that is not allowed any more, he explained. They cannot replace the whirlpool with the same type of equipment, he added.

The council also approved a small project at the fire hall. Fire Chief Cody Hull reported that they plan to rearrange space in the meeting room to create a day room for the full-time paramedics.

Hull said the paramedics have been using an upstairs storage space but it wasn’t a good option. He said the meeting room wasn’t being used since the department stopped holding banquets.

The council approved up to $10,000 from the Manners Trust Funds to be used for the project.

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