WAHOO – The plans for a dog park in Wahoo are undergoing some changes.

Saunders County Lost Pets stepped up last year for planning of a dog park in town and has been taking the lead on fundraising as well. The organization has been working with the city and a site was selected at Hackberry Park.

But, Saunders County Lost Pets President Deb Wilcox was at the Wahoo City Council meeting last week to ask if that site could be changed.

The problem with the site selected at Hackberry Park, she said, is that area is prone to flooding. The area on the north end of the park has seen water several times this year

The goal of the project undertaken by SCLP is to raise enough money to put in some structures that would enhance the dog park and also be attractive to the area.

Wilcox said the flooding would not only make the dog park inaccessible at times, it would also increase the cost of the project.

“It’s hard to put up facilities in a flood plain without spending a lot of money,” she said.

The initial estimate was the dog park would cost about $78,000. SCLP has already raised about $12,000 for the project. But, fundraising has temporarily been put on hold.

“It’s really hard to keep it going if you don’t know where you are going to be,” Wilcox said.

After working with the Parks and Recreation Department, SCLP has proposed a new site, also on city owned property. The new spot identified is near the corner of 15th and Hackberry street. The city owns property there around one of Wahoo Utilities’ well houses.

In addition to not having the flooding problems, Wilcox said this site might be better than the one at Hackberry Park. She said it would be away from children at play and further away from homes.

She added the research had been done regarding the city’s wellhead protection and there should be no issues.

A new dog park design has not been developed yet, but Wilcox said there was still enough space to have two enclosed areas – one for big dogs and one for small dogs.

She expected the cost to be about the same too.

“The price is for the old location, but it shouldn’t change much,” she added.

The council gave its blessing to the proposed changed in location.

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