BRAINARD – East Butler Public Schools is investigating the possibility of a before and after school program.

Superintendent Sam Stecher reported the district is aware of families with day care issues. He said a day care program could help parents who work out of town or who have other barriers before or after the school day.

The East Butler Board of Education discussed the possibility of a before and after day care program at its meeting Feb. 13. But, the idea is only in its beginning stages of exploration at this time.

Stecher said the basic idea would be to offer a program that would start at about 7 a.m. and run until school starts. The after school program would go until about 5:30 p.m.

“We would offer it in both Brainard and Dwight,” he said.

The superintendent said the initial thought is that the library could be utilized for program space in Dwight, while one of the new classrooms under construction in Brainard could be the tapped spot.

But, that’s about as far as the planning has gone. Stecher said there are several big details in the proposal that must be further investigated.

One of them is staffing. He said it can already be difficult for rural districts to find new, qualified staff members. Staffing could be a concern, if the program was started.

There is also still a question if the program should be a service provided by the district or if it should be fee based.

Stecher said he was directed by the board to talk to other schools that have a before and after school care program and report back on his findings.

“The next step is calling other schools and seeing what some of their challenges are,” he said.

In other business at last week’s meeting, Stecher said he also reported on the construction on the Brainard campus. Dirt work on the addition of the two new classrooms got off to a good start, but has been hampered recently by weather.

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