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April Kassebaum

WAHOO – April Kassebaum believes that resolutions, whether they be for New Year’s or any day of the year, are the tiny steps to a person’s lifetime endeavor.

Kassebaum is an American Council of Exercise (ACE) Stretch Practitioner, World ACSM Certified Instructor and personal trainer. She provides fitness consultations at the Civic Center on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

According to Kassebaum, a certified stretch practitioner is someone who is able to stretch all 640 muscles of the human body safetly, intelligtently and help people in deep physical, emotional or mental pain.

Kassebaum believes that all resolutions are based on 90 percent mental tenacity.

“I tell my clients to pick one word for the year,” she said. “My word for the year is infrastructure. Now, my New Year’s resolutions will be based spiritually, physically and emotionally on that word. We do not let our resolutions defeat us, we defeat our resolutions.”

Kassebaum said the tools for a successful resolution include using sticky notes, calendar alerts, vision boards and to tell the people closest to you what you want to do.

“A resolution spoken is powerful,” she said. “I tell my clients that if they do not cry telling me their dreams for health and fitness they are not dreaming big enough.”

Moving from Denver to Lincoln in 1996 to be closer to her husband’s family, she loves their German heritage and living in the heartland of America.

“We reside in Lincoln and we have one daughter who is a senior at Pius X High School and an Akita dog, Mulan,” she said.

Kassebaum believes that she and fitness are intertwined. Being a coach, instructor and a personal trainer for fitness and health is a part of her dream.

“I was raised by a single mom. My mom coached us all to pursue our dreams our entire lives. We were raised with a relentless work ethic and profound love,” she said.

Kassebaum credits that unconditional love which pushed her work ethic to the highest level she had ever imagined.

“My certifications and career were not handed to me, I have worked for every success,” she said. “I started in 1996 with an AFAA and became world certified in 2013.”

Kassebaum says she brings many things to the table when working one on one with her clients.

“I bring knowledge, 23 years of experience, a listening ear and a caring heart for their dreams and humor,” she said. “I am a personal cheerleader, drill sergeant and many clients tell me that I am a human app as I streamline their lives and they see everything fall into place for personal excellence.”

Looking to the future, Kassebaum said her goals are large but attainable.

“I would like to have trained 25,000 clients by the 25th anniversary of training (in 2021), have a YouTube channel and be an international woman of fitness and health,” she said. “I have trained a total of 8,867 people. That means I have to double the number of people I train in the next two years. I’m going to nail it.”

Kassebaum cherishes the gifts she receives from each client who crosses her path.

“They give me blood, sweat, tears and inexpressible joy,” she said. “We learn together.”

Grateful to the Wahoo Civic Center that allows her to train each week, Kassebaum said she’s been coming there for 17 years.

“The Wahoo Civic Center has given me support, comradery, incredible working relationships and a key location,” she said. “The people of Wahoo are incredible. You work hard and live strong.”

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