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WAHOO – The Friends of Saunders County 4-H and Extension Foundation was established in 2011 to support and enhance the county’s extension and 4-H community.

“We are focused on the bigger picture,” said Board President Kristine Donahue. “The purpose of our foundation is to subsidize the extension office and 4-H whenever it is needed.”

The foundation is working to build a permanent endowment.

At this week’s county fair, the foundation will be hosting an ice cream social Thursday evening in the pavilion. Free will donations will be accepted.

The foundation is also running a silent auction throughout the entire week. The items up for auction are located in the southeast corner of the Hattan Pavilion. Bidding began on Wednesday and will close on Sunday at the 4-H livestock auction.

Beside the activities at the fair, the foundation annually sends out mailings seeking donations. Various ways to give to the foundation are available to interested donors including both unrestricted and restricted. Planned giving and memorial gifts are also accepted.

Detailed information is available on the foundation’s website www.4hextensionfoundationofsaunderscounty.org/

“4-H can be life changing for so many kids,” commented Donahue. “The work of the extension office and 4-H helps our young people set their paths in life.”

The current members of the board are Donahue – president, Barb Soukup – vice president, Amy Whitehead – secretary, and Elizabeth Rezac – treasurer.

“The doors that can be opened by the County Extension and 4-H are so impressive,” stated Donahue. “We want to make sure the future of each organization is sound.”

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