Ryan Hurst

Ryan Hurst

WAHOO – Ryan Hurst will be the new Wahoo Utilities manager.

Hurst is coming from the City of Minden and begins his new duties July 1.

Hurst said he sees Wahoo Utilities as a strong city owned system and wants to help continue its success.

“I am eager to take the lead on a quality system and do what we can to build on that,” he said.

For the past four years, Hurst has been serving as the utilities superintendent in Minden. He has overseen the city’s water, wastewater and electrical operations.

During his time, there have been several big projects for Minden. Those have included a 55 block replacement of water mains and a $1 million project for an electrical substation.

Prior to Minden, he worked in the water and wastewater departments for the City of Seward. He also had facility management duties.

While he doesn’t have a lot of direct experience with natural gas supervision, Hurst said he viewed Wahoo having its own natural gas system as a great opportunity for him.

“I’m excited for the challenges that brings,” he said.

He is also quick to point out he does have knowledge of natural gas. He said he has worked with it since he was a kid, as his dad and grandfather both had plumbing businesses in Lincoln.

Hurst said he was also eager to begin working with Wahoo Utilities’ staff. In Minden, he managed about four employees and embraced the opportunity to work now with a bigger staff.

He also liked the structure the city has set up for its utilities overall oversight.

“I love the breakout with the Wahoo Board of Public Works,” Hurst said. “I like the setup with a board that is focused on utilities.”

Hurst will be spending the next month doing what he can to make sure the transition for his replacement in Minden goes as smooth as possible. But, he said he would also try to get to Wahoo for a meeting or to work with staff so he can get a good start in July.

Hurst holds degrees in water resources management and environmental science. He has also been active in several industry associations.

The move to Wahoo bring will bring Hurst and his family back closer to original hometown.

He grew up in Garland and graduated from Seward High School.

“My wife’s family is from the Ceresco area,” Hurst said.

Jodi Hurst still has many relatives who graduated from Raymond Central in the area.

His family also includes stepson, Noah, 16; Elijah, 8; and Henry, 4. He said he was excited to get the family settled in Wahoo.

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